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Favorite Video Game Soundtracks?

| TWEWY, Pokemon and the Persona series are the first ones who come to my mind. I also listened to Yakuza's a bit (I have yet to play it though), and I've also been enjoying some fighting game OSTs (Street Fighter, Blazblue, Under-Night etc.)

Any other great OSTs you wanna share /mu/?

| Transistor

| NieR, NieR Automata, and Drakengard 3. Just to state the obvious early

| Layton Brothers: Mystery Room's jazzy soundtrack doesn't have a lot of songs but they're all extremely excellent.

The Layton series in general is pretty great too, a distinctive orchestra that I'm pretty sure is a genre but I have no idea what to call it

| Shadow of the Colossus and Mirror's Edge.

I've been listening to Solar Fields for so long so when I heard that he was making the OST for Mirror's Edge I almost pissed my pants out of excitement.

| Hotel Dusk/Last Window.

| Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online. Such an epic soundtrack that got you invested in the game the moment you launched it up.

| NieR takes the cake for me. Also love Persona 5, Okami, and anything by Yoko Shimamura.

| >>534435 You have excellent taste, g/u/rl. I. Hear. A. Sound.

| Hollow knight is nice, nier automata is god tier tho.

| Warcraft 3

| Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance all the way. This is the example of a perfect action game soundtrack

| Command and conquer
Soviet theme
Glory to the motherland
And also company of heroes 2 main theme

| TWEWY, persona, xenoblade, nier, pkmmd...

| >>534445
Oy, I'm playing Hotel Dusk right now. The soundtrack's nice, but I think the timing in the game is kinda messy? Which takes away some of the charm ho hum

| >>534768
I need to replay to look for what you're talking about-- this is as good of an excuse as any!

I think they do things a bit better in Last Window, though. I also find the tracks in the sequel to be more memorable and have more of a... distinct "feel" to them, if that makes any sense. A lot of them give off a nice, strong kinda detective noire vibe.

| Okami has a pretty good OST. Check it out!

| Katamari Damacy,
Metal Gear Revengeance,
Mighty Switch Force,
Shauntae : Half Genie Hero,

And many more just to name a few!

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the layton soundtrack it's great. i've only played to the first three, though. i thonk it has an european vibe, like french or something. i saw a video of someone who argued that layton's music was bad and too repetitive and tried to replace it with music by yann tiersen. it wasn't that bad, but i prefer the original score.

| also, some of my favorite soundtracks that haven't been posted yet:
Jet Set Radio series - some funky shit
WipeOut - only the first three, the others are a bit more generic

| Dance Dance Revolution, Initial D games, tohou project, one must fall, megaman series, megacopter, the sun and moon.

| >>534775
It's kinda like, they cut off and switch too abruptly and too often? Which gives me mixed message as to what the scenes're supposed to be.

On their own they're great tho

| Night in the woods, it does a fantastic job at setting up an ambiance

| Super brothers sword and sorcerery is pretty good for a 8bit game

| Ooooh, I really love the Firewatch soundtrack, it's so calm and lovely -,-

| Off the top....
Armored Core
Ace Combat
Guilty Gear
Melty Blood
Shovel Knight
Zone of the Enders
Anarchy Reigns
MGR: Revengeance
Just about every SMT game

| One of my favorite osts has to be the jet set radio ost.It could be mostly nostalgia speaking but imo that was by far one of sega's best games.
Almost any entry in the megaten/persona games has an amazing soundtrack also.

| Touhou Project
Va-11 HALL-A
Anarchy Reigns
Metal Gear Rising Revengence
Persona 4 and 5
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Jet Set Radio
Sonic Adventure

Thats just the top of my head

| >>9c6675 Why no Persona 3, friend?

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