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Looking for odd song from the 20th century

| Could you recommend me song from the 60s up to the 2000s-ish?

I've been stuck in a loop consisted of listening to the same 10 songs on repeat

| Gonna need something more specific in there... You've got every genre apart from new rap and modern electronica in that timeframe.

| 21st century schizoid man

| >>9c1965 You can hit me with anything my guy. I am in it for a wild ride :p

| I personally don't know any songs to recommend, but I do have a site: http://radiooooo.com/
The site's a bit odd, but it's pretty cool and you'll probably find enough songs you might be looking for.

| Hmm... I'll just list off some artists then, and a song from each

Cibo Matto - 90's-00's - Alt Pop
- Know Your Chicken
Bikini Kill - 90's - Punk
- Double Dare You
Jethro Tull - 60's+ - Alt Rock
- Bouree
The Jazz Epistles - '59 - African Jazz
- Scullery Department
Zap Mama - 90's+ - Afro-Pop
- Bandy Bandy
Tom Waits - 70's+ - Folk Blues
- Eggs and Sausage
Nine Inch Nails - 90's - Industrial
- Closer

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This thread is permanently archived