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| If you aren't listening to daughters right now, you absolutely should be.

| I used to listen daughter (british indie-folk-post-randomword-rock about romantic bullshit). Is this what op about?

| >>4d0fd3
no, daughters is a mathcore band.

| Whatever the heck of a genre is even mathcore now?

| I've tried to check them out and...I'm afraid I don't get the hype. Then again, it took me almost a year to give Death Grips another chance so maybe I'm too dumb for that.

| >>529291
Daughter is pretty great.

| Give me an album name. I don't want to get on a list for looking up daughters.

| Shit band name, shit singer. The instrumentals are exactly what I was looking for.

| My friends' daughters poop their pants still. I'm not sure I should follow your advice...

Also wtf captcha: scows hoffa khufu

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This thread is permanently archived