Please tell me the best lesbian music

| (Hard Mode: no Hayley Kiyoko)

| Reol - Gekihaku

| Kill La Kill OST

| Jen Foster - She
Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm
Bikini Girl - Rebel Girl (for my punk lesbians out there. i fuckin love y'all)
The Butchies - She's So Lovely
Jill Sobule - I Kissed A Girl
Sophie B Hawkins - Damn, I Wish I Was Your
Veruca Salt - Victrola
Team Dresch - She's Amazing
Indigo Girls - Power of Two
Little Big Town - Girl Crush

and a lesbian classic,
Melissa Etheridge - Come to My Window

| Sophie B Hawkins - Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover*

| Youth - Daughter

| as a male
i wanna die

| >>528303 wrong board, try /u/ or /a/

| >>528303
Become a girl, that way you can be a girl who wants to die like the rest of us

| >>528303 post dic pic before kill

| girl in red, all her music is great

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