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how many gurls

| actually know anything about the making of music on this god forsaken board?

| I used to play Virtual Piano on my XP 2003 pc once.

| Have used some DJ production software
But I don't know how to use(´⌒`。)

| I like screwing around in online sequencer, but that's about it.

| I'm an amateur (but, like, very beginner level) producer using LMMS and Ardour, I also sometimes mix using Mixxx. I don't know how to play any instrument, though. I can use a piano keyboard to try chords and can do a melody if I repeat enough times but my timing is very bad and so is my L/R hand independency. I still have to learn proper music production techniques like structure, mastering and EQing but I aim towards experimental and live performance.I also have 3 very tiny synths

| I play jazz piano and used to compose music just on sheet music paper

Arranging for multiple instruments is easier with sequencers though, I recorded stuff mostly in FL Studio

| i am working on differenct projects and bands right now

mainly tracking bass and guitars for my band's 3rd album right now and editing & mixing demoes

| I can play some of the more difficult songs that have been programmed in for the LaunchPad.

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This thread is permanently archived