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Somebody was told my


| Good thread OP

| Do you ever just

| The world was to roll my

| I ate the sharpest fool of the shrek

| She was looking kind of

| Dumb with her figure and her bum

| In the shake of an elf on her forehead

| Well, the beers start coming

| And they don't stop coming, drink some more beer and hit the riot running

| It didn't make sense

| Not to limb for none,

| Your heart gets fun but your drain stays clogged

| So much to pee so much to sue so what's long with shaking the lack seats,

| you never flow if your goat's low

| you'll never float if your boat's dough


| (This thread is so cursed but so good. Carry on, fellas)

| Neigh brow you're a brock car, get the go on, get flayed

| And all that glitters is mold

| Only shooting bars take the fold

| It's racoon place

| In May it gets older

| boyfriend looked like a girlfriend
that I had in February of last year.

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This thread is permanently archived