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vinyl is inferior to digital

| Regarding the true-to-lifeness of the sound quality.

If you prefer vinyl that's fine, just don't tell me it's more accurate to a live sound.

| Such a weak bait for attention...

At least post it on /mu/


| I do prefer pirated mp3s to vinyl, there's this pride each time I can download anything I want

| I'm just not a hipster. Vinyls look cool but I want something portable.

| I think the point of vinyl is to have something physical to represent your music, not necessarily because it actually sounds better or is more useful.
>amigo fills betty ;)


| Moved to /mu/.

| You're wrong but go off I guess.

| Kinda out of the loop here, is there any way in which vinyls are better than digital? Any at all?

| >>524546 they're kinda rad

| >>524551 >>524546 more collectable.

| >>524571 >>524551 Yeah that's what I thought

| With vinyl it's less likely that the recording was tarnished by loudness war bullshit.

| Vinyls are stylish and retro, CDs are also cool to use. Streaming is degenerate tier.

Now tapes, that's where it's all at. They have all the style and warmth of vinyl and are also portable. There's nothing better than listening to music with a walkman or a boombox.

There's also the point that when only analog was avaliable, music was at its best.

| People can tell you whatever they want.
Who cares.
Go fuck yourself, OP.

| >>525028 Yeah, goddamn opinion-haver!

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This thread is permanently archived