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What do you think of virtual singers?

| For example
Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin/Ren
League of legends----K/DA
Luo Tianyi
More anime singers

| So, Vocaloids then? They're fine. In good hands, their voice can make some pretty great songs, but half of the time I see them in a nightcore and I'm not okay with that.

| I like some Vocaloid music because it's often interesting sounds that you don't hear other places, but with a few exceptions where it matters that the singer is a vocaloid, (good) human covers tend to sound better.

| Mhhh... VOCALOIDS are fine for me, as long as they're NOT always in "Nightcore" Songs. (as said by d0e179)

Well other than this they surely do a good job in all kinds of genres.

| In my opinion
Virtual singer=Human(Artificial?) voice+Artificial appearance
Although many teenagers love virtual singers now.
It gives me a feeling of being cheated.

| shitty people can't stalk virtual singers, so i think they're great and the normalization of virtual singers is great

| I just view them as another type of instrument, same as a real voice. Having a personality and persona to revolve around gives it a source for community, but the music itself is best when it isn't limited by that image.

Side note: huge fan of Sasakure.uk, and Nekomura Iroha might have a weird character, but her voice is gorgeous, particularly for jazz.

| Synthesized voice bothers the hell out of me, so no thank you.

Sometimes when they're used for effects instead of a replacement for real voice though, sometimes it works.

| Songs where the singers are voice actors voice acting their virtual character though, that's fine.

| >>523209
But that dosnt mean i cant draw em naked or make lewd 3D videos

| >>522991 gotta agree. For me, most of the composers that I listen to eg. PinnochioP) uses Miku for his songs, but if I find a decent human cover that isn't in English, then I most probably would go for the cover.

| >>523377 I can understand that completely, but I'm on the opposite spectrum; While there are a lot of songs and genres I prefer to here by a real singer, certain genres (largely the style of electronic pop that Vocaloid is known for) I prefer to here by a virtual singer. Disconnecting from the fact that a real person is singing helps me enjoy the lyrics a bit more.

| >>523471 I get where you're coming from. My main complaint about the vocaloids is only about the cracks that happen in the voices when they sing the one or two English words while still using their japanese voice packs, or the sometimes piercing frequencies they sing at. If the songs are clear of that, then I would just enjoy it as it is. (Another PinnochioP plug, but their new Beautiful Fiction song is a nice example of what I'm saying)

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