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/mu/ please recommend me some good japanese bands

| Any genre works

| Apparently Queen is really popular over there, along with Simon and Garfunkel, Michael Jackson... And yes, the Beatles

| But seriously, radi/u/ is pretty good

| If you haven't checked out The Pillows, I definitely recommend them.

| Coaltar Of The Deepers (Shoegaze), DIMLIM (Visual Kei Metal), Deviloof (Visual Kei Deathcore), Mucc (Nu Metal -> Alternative Rock), Yoshiki Kadomatsu (Funk, Fusion Jazz), 2814 (Cyberpunk Ambient Synthwave)

| oh, red code not intended :0

| Band Maid, Dir En Grey, Maximum The Horomone, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Drag Down, Telecide, HER NAME IN BLOOD, Number Girl

| Surprised no one recommended X-Japan, Glay, B'z.

If you want heavier sound, listen to Loudness.

| 死んだ僕の彼女 (My dead girlfriend)

| きのこ帝国 - Mushroom Empire (I think I spelled it right)

| How about DIR EN GREY, Rip Slyme, One ok rock, UVERworld, The Gazette and Buck tick.

| はっぴいえんど (Happy End).
The Gerogerigegege

| Far East Family Band

| Haruka Nakamura, LITE, Vamprilla, MONO, Toe

| Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO)

| Midori, nano.ripe, Rookiez iz Punkd

| Asian Kung-fu Generation
Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

| Might be hard to find, but Flying Kids I tried looking them up on YouTube but most videos are blocked in the US. They are on Spotify though.

| Band Maid and UVERworld are already on here. I dunno but ah. Babymetal and Big Angel? although the latter only has like one song

| People in the box

| Mass of The Fermenting Dregs

| Fox Capture Plan is alright if you like kinda jazzy stuff

| Glim Spanky - pretty different from a lot of typical Japanese rock, rooted more in hard rock and blues

| Polkadot Stingray

I've been told that this genre is called "math rock".

| >>523266 Ah yes, Eve Mv. Do you listen to Yoh Kamiyama too, by any chance? Similar style, but a bit more chill and alot less intense musical snares

| >>523378
I... do not! I've never heard of them before! Thanks for the rec!

Also I'm pretty sure the name is just Eve. He got an album out (and is gonna release another one soon), not just the MVs.

| Shiggy jr

| >>523533 was a bit confused on the naming, but thanks for clarifying! Kinda thought it standed for something else rather than Music Video at first, lmao.

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