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Lo-fi Lovers

| Hello World? How are you? Do you like lo-fi music? If so, please let me know what are your favorite songs or artists in this amazing world called earth-chan.
Ps: sorry about my English...
- Brazilian Boy.

| don't go to bed by otterpop

| Anthropocene by Samsa
Haunt me (x3) by teen suicide

| I really love Idealism, but couldn't pick out a single song - the EPs Amaranthine and Nobody Else are my favorite though.

| Hey, can anybody recommend any artists or songs with Japanese/Chinese/Korean samples thank you

| Lo-fi hip-hop is beautiful. I discovered it last year and I was shocked. I thought hip-hop is like rap, and I don't really like rap, but lo-fi hip-hop is calm, meditative, charming, harmonius and (surprisingly) melodius - I started to forget that music is suppose to be that way. I could listen ChilledCow for hours. Then I migrate to the Steezyasfuck, and now I'm listening to Mellowbeat Seeker

| Lofi is my favorite music genre by far. Only problem is that its reputation has been tainted by extreme amounts of sampling.
I really wish I could be proud of liking it but people will just think back to the days where their yourube recomendations were plagued by the shitty 24/7 chill beats to go take a piss to Livestreams.

I barely recomend lofi to anyone but idealism and potsu are my favorite artists by far if I had to choose.

| Jinsang is a really good one
J^p^n is really dope too, you can even buy cassettes of his stuff.

I'd suggest going to bandcamp and searching lo-fi and you'll be amazed how many people there are making good beats that aren't on YouTube streams. Plus on bandcamp if you like them a lot you can buy their stuff and make sure they make more stuff

Shameless self promotion time ispeaktrees on YouTube is my name and I got some weird tracks

| Plus you can download cool high quality FLAC stuff from bandcamp, and sometimes artists will release merch and other cool stuff on Bandcamp.

| Clairo is a beautiful eargasm for all

| >>521462
the way some compilations are titled on youtube screams "i want views"

back on topic, my fav is "rose tint" by 4u

| All i do is throw in Nightwave Plaza in the bg full blast and just start chilling

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