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0edit (The NEOTOKYO OST sequal)

| Ever since I first heard of and saw NEOTOKYO it's always had a special place in my heart and the part about the game is its soundtrack composed by "Ed Harrison" I've listened to the soundtrack continually through the years and have always wanted him to make more music. I thought that he had gone and would never return.

But during December he released his "spiritual successor" to the NEOTOKYO soundtrack. I had been waiting years for this.

| I think that it's a great album with every song being amazing....but it's just kind of impossible to live up to the masterpiece which is the original OST.

The original to me sounds like it was composed by someone who had lived in and understood the cyberpunk atmosphere they wanted to create. It's one of the most immersive soundtracks I've ever heard.

Anyway the sequal 0edit to me sounds like a reimagined version of the NEOTOKYO OST...but I think that it works

| NEOTOKYO's inspiration was from ghost in the shell (the 1995 version).now that movie is a masterpiece in itself with its soundtrack being amazing as well. But the second ghost in the shell movie "innocence" has a similar yet different aesthetic to the original film.

Because NEOTOKYO is a reimagined version of GITS I believe 0edit is to the original NEOTOKYO OST as GITS: Innocence is to GITS

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This thread is permanently archived