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Video Game music in unexpected places

| I've had this happen multiple times on a certain Lo-Fi Net Radio station called ChillSky. At first I was tickled by the occasional bit of 'Zelda' tunes, but what blew my mind is when I heard music from 'Irisu Syndrome' not once, but twice.

My mind was so blown, I had to tell people on the internet about it, haha!

| One of my friends who lives in Hong Kong heard an arranged track from a classic Sonic game a couple times at some store or public place.

| On a phillipino gameshow, straight up ff13 battle theme.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqHkGX6VrUQ

That one Ariston commercial that had the title theme from that Gameboy Robocop game.

| Mexico. I bought a cheap little toy down there for my little sister. It was a ball that jumped around with lights and music. The music depended on the ball. Some would play leekspin, others would play various sonic tunes. Not a worry of copyright infringment whatsoever.

| 15 or so years ago I was visiting a mall that had a hired guy just sitting there playing the piano in the middle of it with the sound playing trough speakers all trough out the store. When he started playing the original Super Mario Bros theme everyone was walking around with giant smiles on their faces.

| For our schools cheerleading squad they used persona 5 ost.... Need i say more

| Woke up one morning to hear a famous singer sing the Dragonborn theme on national television. Was pretty dope.

| >>519650 That's fucking awesome

| Oh you wouldn't know, my prof once used Cuphead's OST for his seminar

| China news shows often played Ace Combat music during segments. big wtf in my mind

| During the orientation of the first years in my university, I hear baba yet (Civilization IV theme) while they're explaining the library functions.

| Some guy was listening to CnC's Hell March in their when I was omw to College last Friday.

| >>520037 That's nothing. One guy was listening to hell march on his a while ago.

| At an Indonesian Café not too long after Deltarune released, heard The World Revolving play and started to jam out listening to it

| I remember this one time, while listening to NPR, I heard an acoustic cover of Saria's Song from OOT. It was unusual to say the least.

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