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Bad music you unironically think is great

| Any of y'all got music that you acknowledge as dumb or bad, but something about it you just can't help grooving to?

| All Star might have been dumb, but whenever I hear it down the street, I will hum lyrics regardless. It's not 'great', but it's catchy, I'll give it that.

| I used to listen to dubstep a few years ago when it was still trying to decide what it wanted to be. Now I go back, and even listen to the trash that was a part of it. Nostalgia can make music good.

| a song called Buddies by Quelle Chris. I hate the song, but the lyrics are a true masterpiece and I relate to them on a deep, personal level.

| Anime ops. Whenever i hear some bleach or naruto op i can't help but shake my head and feel the nostalgia via goosebumps.

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This thread is permanently archived