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Kpop is shit and no one has actual talent


| Meh ive always disliked most of the kpop songs just because of how generic they are


| yes I dislike that Chinese music as well

| Nou

| ye,but they are actually selling the ppl not the "music"

| Yay human trafficking

| Okay. But let's look at the dancing.

| they have lots of talent, it's def not easy to be a kpop star, but the industry is pretty unethical and the music is honestly just kinda bland to me

| >>511216 the music is garbage the dancing is basic as fuck and the only thing they have going for the is that they have a face made of 90% plastic

| eh there's talent

| synthwave is the best btw

| >>511439 where?

| I too, prefer Idol and J-Pop. But there are some songs that can be saved

| >>512297


Let me guess... Mariya Takeuchi? She's the best, my god, like, I could listen her song forever.

| >>512390 No. Although city pop is really good, I had Girl Next Door in mind

| >>512059
but they're inactive because Chanhyuk had to enlist in the military

| I AGREE, OP!!!! i seriously don't understand how so many people can dedicate so much money & love for it!

| Well yeah, they train to have "attractive" personalities/mannerisms, not singing.

| Well the music is shit, but there's a lot of practice that goes into being a kpop star the industry is pretty fucked up they treat them like trash mostly

| they are famous because of horny 14 year old fangirls who have no taste in music.

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This thread is permanently archived