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It's kinda sad

| Mainstream Pop songs in western culture are all formulaic and have basically nothing new or nuanced, and are made specifically for the brain dead, and it's been this way since the internet exploded, and online surveys were created.
Change my mind.

| Of course that's gonna he the case with something mainstream
Just let people, who enjoy it, enjoy it

| As with all things not just music, I will say though it's not a great mentality to approach all popular stuff as bad. Just acknowledge the manufacturedness and be open to a good banger now and then.

There are good indie artists on soundcloud and band camp, it just requires a bit of homework to find them. Very rare that you'll find popular works pushing boundaries.

| Pop music would have continued this way regardless of the internet.
This is nothing new.

| hasn't pop music always been like that? you not pretend cyndi lauper or abba (who i love don't get me wrong) are any deeper than ariana grande or beyonce

| you can't pretend*

| Pop songs are pop songs exactly because they're formulaic, easy to parse, uncomplicated.

Not everybody has the time and energy to find and process complicated songs. They might have other things to bother with like, idk, curing cancer or smth.

People have different hobbies, k

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This thread is permanently archived