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/mu/ writes a song without dicks

| I'll start.
Loud sighs and crashing highs
Is this what I've felt tonight?

| High rides on top thicc thighs
My mind is crashing from the flight

| How would I, now how I might.
Get those trap thighs working right.

| Her absolute territory's mighty tight,
But that bulge indulges a sudden fright

| now you know i ain't just a playaaa
got a meat rod like a flute i can play'er
hit that hot sound dee vee dee player
spit fire swallow come these things just pay here-

million rods on my schedule and my teeth never rip-
better rip that fire-cock super-slammin' DJ shit!
watch that hate melt away in a liter precum drip
douse'em flames of lust with a super meatfuck stick!
turnin round with super sound pound on the ground
kickin ass and prostate, turn y'all into little girls

| no contacts in the eye, it's all an ahegao-

i rip the tide like i rip your sphincter
slippin down slide running pow-wows down wild
when the bass is in your ass, you gon feel the pussy pass!
i don't kiss your balls even if i cum inside
that's way too gay that no-homo can smile
it's 3am we gon' make this party fun
if your fluids are still inside all you gotta do is cum!
and you heard right we ain't leavin you tomorrow
if your balls ain't flat like a stretched out marshmallow!

| watch that porch when all the boys run up inside
girls like party and gonna give a lap ride
we even got our queen full out tonight but regalia can't hide that futa cock alright
i'm tryna get a fruity fruity drink
somehow there's no bottles here tonight

you know what we gotta do
improvise with super goo
jump on it while screaming ooh
if you're dry we fill you up,
got you in a nasty loop

| and if the feds drive up tonight
we'll just tell em this alright
sheriff, agent, deputee don't be afraid
Em's just a jailbait of legal age!
after we sweat off the fright
we'll invite them all inside
they can't resist this gorgeous smell
their knees gonna be weak as hell
the deputee is a real qt brunette
and i'm gon make her body shake!
sheriff's on the side moaning around
if you let go she gon fall on the ground
it's prolly cuz you got her 2 holes pumped~

| the law's feeling to hot to enforce anything tonight...

then i kick in your hymen,
wave around hitachi wand
run the cock and the kush
get your ass out ya pants

i'm gon tie you up
with no safety word
rip your shirt right off
and you're topless now!

hear the cage goes -click-
now i got ya dick
spread those cheeks silly
and meet my big philly

Erika is a Nazi
and she's sitting right above me-
she laughs at us and says
we'll all be white
by the time this is finished

| Zoe's got the joke,
but my brain is fukken vapid
i just smoked some green
i don't really think i'm lucid
shit there we go again i'm cummin
that's the 85th time this week-end

if i'd puke a chorus it'd go something like this
and here we go now yo

we got succubi in our crowds
while the incu's got it on
miss officer is on climax parole
futaqueen doing circles around the crowd
spraying and praying while she's rainin' it down
we gon party till the house is floo-ded

| door opens for another qt guest
the ringtone is just like jingle bells
this time around we're jingling something else
we're talking rosy tennis balls
don't let'em go or on your face they fall!
when i talked about the bass it's true
you really gon' feel it in your womb
it's something about vibrations
they move up to your head and make you mad
there ain't no one depressed in here
we got no sad lads, they're all busy getting wet

| all the while i got feeling sum ting wong
then it hits me like a futaloli dong
that of party i have the smallest prong
that my rhythm is shit when my rhymes are strong
that i gotta go to sleep after i succ dis dick
he tells me he likes pineapples
yum fruity driiink yum~
i snap a few picks from the left to my right
while fbi girl gets her tight ass wrecked
these guys will keep going until they're flat
but i'm out already cuz they got me slapped
now if only someone else could rap

| preferrably with better rhythm than my last 2 posts, just re-read and fuck
>>469502 >>469503 >>469507 >>469508 >>469511 >>469518 >>469520 i think i clicked em all, enjoy

| Richard richard richard richard

| >>469643
fuck yeah dope
someone get nyanners in there

tell her to rap it all


| Can you hear me now
I'm riding on a coooow
My name is Richarrrrrd
I'm an avviid lyncheeer
I buy toooyyys
From the sports store booooyz
Yeah. Uh. Yeah. Wooo!

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