| I found this dangaronpa 1 track that sounded reeeeeeeaaaaal similar to something Garoad would compose- please check it out, it's called "Beautiful Death" or Dead.

The track alone made wonder, how does it sound like Garoad? Why "would" it sound like Garoad? Why the hell isn't Garoad music an genra on it's own? It sounds so distinc from things like Sytnhwave or Lofi and shit, so now i ask: any of you ever found a piece of music and went: "That sounds like Garoad!" Anybody?

| No.

| Maybe.

| Darude sandstorm

| Well, now that I hear it, it sounds a little bit like something you'd hear in VA-11 HALL-A. Good song btw

| I mean I wouldn't be surprised if masafumi was an influence to GROAD

| Garoud sounding music? You mean va11core?

| >>1019372 I mean cunnycore

| >>1019372 if that's a thing i can listen to, then by all means, tell me more.

| Some tracks off the Paradise Killer OST could probably be considered similar to Garoad's stuff.

| Oh, DR OST mentioned. Box 15 best track. I love the part of the start where it goes "Do do do, do do.... Do do do, do do DO!"

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