Sharing music

| Time to take this opportunity to share my "personal" music playist since... frankly, this place is needing more music talk from what i can see, so i'm here to contribute :) ...in a way.

Starting off, this here is my still growing music YT playlist, featuring every music i liked and was like: "Man i would listen to this again!"

So there you go, a link to it, hope this works:https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-GGhkpLUmNa3aP6rDDgWMYKv6171MhUQ&si=gchuhIQWMR9MKJA5

| And for those who have no yt premium and have to deal with YT's horrible broken shuffle function...

Three of the best YT playlist shufflers avaiable online, pick the one you like it best:



| And oh yeah, after using these shufflers, please tell me what was the first music you got at random. Feel free to share music or music playlists youself.

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