Give me your most hated songs

| Make my ears and soul hurt g/u/rls, fuck good songs gimme that awful stuff

| nah, I'm like, deep like that, like real deep I like actually literally every type of music mmmphh sound me likey bang bang boom haha, y'all get me? you know, skeet

| "NOW! That's what I call GAME MUSIC"
it's on the youtubes

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buVyoHqgDAE

| I changed my mind


| >>1009754
This is your favorite song? It sucks!

| >>1009756 I'm glad we agree

| Any song by Amenra. I nearly fell asleep hearing it live

| https://youtu.be/yKQCze7D-78?si=po5HqgF7lwotibcb I don't listen to that much music so this is the worst i got lol

| That song where the girl goes: "so call me maybe!" Ugh

| That one song about love sucking cock

| listened to all ur songs, allow me to add another, https://youtu.be/_ibXZC4tv4I?si=YcjvHi1KRAc0zNgm

| https://youtu.be/FMrIy9zm7QY?t=111

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyWAnpI_UUQ

| You did not had enough tumor-for-brained neighbors to shiver in rage at the mention of despacito, it seems

| https://youtu.be/0v394-c6HA4

| >>1010955 Every day I thank the lord the people next door to me Listen to Muse and Franz Ferdinand instead of le current thing. Although this has convinced me that Franz Ferdinand are a one hit wonder.

| >>1010345
I can't believe that sakura-con 2009 commerial went on to make a music genre.

| https://youtu.be/zhxAA_7jlXw
He almost dies at the beginning

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