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Femtanyl the GOAT

| Femtanyl is really good I like their music.

| who?

| >>91b3bd I said their name twice, g/u/rl, keep up.

| >>1008054 i think its a goat or something

| That some Frankenstein drug made from fentanyl and estrogen?

| >>1008075 kek

| >>1008056 ppl keep talking about goat, what is this? 2013?

| GOAT: Gayest Of All Time

| damn, when did we start upgrading abbreviations?

| >>1008336 Upgrading?

| >>1008336 upgaying

| >>1008345 Who's up gaying?

| im surprised people on dangeru don't know about Femtanyl. Usually g/u/r/ls like obscure artists like that.

| >>1008383 I know about Femtanyl but I haven't listened to their music yet, is it good? Is it similar to sewerslvt's music?

| not as edgy as sewerslvt

| >>1008476 who?

| >>1008476 Mostly accurate, but a couple I'd say are on par with the angst.

Also how do you all not know femtanyl when 70% of this site is depressed transfems

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This thread is permanently archived