Weird Ryona Channel

| Was searching up Fortune Summoners in Japanese and a video from this channel was the first result. Dude just records video game heroines getting hit over and over and poisoned in particular and what not. There are some real deviants on the internet huh. Now when I play a heroine and she gets hit I'll be thinking "Yup. Somewhere, sometime, there was a pervert getting off to this huh."

| How is this surprising? If scat fetish is a thing, ofc something like ryona exist.

| Oh I know, trust me. I know ryona exists, but it's moreso the idea of a casual everyday thing being something deviant and sexual in another's eye. Like it never crossed my mind that a heroine getting this poison status in-game is something that's hot.

| >>536053 everything is someone's fetish, as a rule

| There is no end to the number of fighting game sprites and clips that get uploaded as ryona. Kind of a pain the.

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