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cooking thread

| Hi g/u/rls, does anyone like cooking here? What kind of food do you like making? I'd like to find out if there are any budget recipes as well.

I recently bought, like, 2 bigass bags of white rice (I really love rice) for really cheap and have been trying my best to utilize everything. I'm getting kind of sick of it, and the rice tastes cheap and starchy, but it can make for good gruel. A bowl of rice with some salt/soy sauce and maybe a quick egg is also filling and delicious.

| Try some fried rice omae.

| update: there were some maggots in one of the bags. Tasted fine boiled, but made me feel a bit sick. Never ever buying rice from downtown again.

| >she was using rice that she bought before the dt fires
>calls it buying the rice recently
the light bouncing in my shitbox of a rig's processing unit must have more hue to it than your skin has.

| You can make a pretty solid congee with 3/4 cup of rice and like 4-6 cups of chicken stock. Dress it up with any other spices/sauces/proteins you like and it can go a long way!

| >>983723
I'm crying all the way to the rice bank. The tears just make this maggot congee more delicious

| >>983741
Well there's your protein at least

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This thread is permanently archived