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I'm stuck with a lilim, help!

| So we were making love and suddenly her eyes just shut down and her insides clamped onto my rod. I can't pull out. When I try to, it's as if something inside is holding onto me and I'm too scared to rip it off. I've been stuck like this for like a hour. What do I do?!

| Why do anything? If I was trapped in a candy store you betcha' I wouldn't try to break out.

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How does that even happen? Is there no one around to help or something? I know that your shit is stuck in her, but biting the bullet and being seen like that by an engineer is probably better than ripping it off. Again, how?

Maybe keep blasting your batter until you're lubricated enough to slip out, I 'unno

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Wait, so you're telling me your flacid dick is the same size as your erect dick?

| OP is a retard

| And a pussy

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This thread is permanently archived