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Just got evac'd AMA

| Just got kicked out of my downtown home by the yellow stripes, they're apparently getting us out because of "Terror attacks" and "Bio contamination" I don't believe a word of it, but what are you gonna do?

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I was gonna ask if they paid you anything, but knowing this city I got my answer already.

So here's the question: Seen any WK?

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>Seen any WK
if you ask that to anyone in DT right now you'll get the same answer: Yeah, they're around.

Most of em' have been way more polite than the boys in yellow though, ngl.

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Bio contamination? What kind?

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Call me paranoid, but they're probably gonna use your home as a firing position and cover, no actual bio contamination.

As for the "Terror Attacks" They're less terror, and just a warzone from what's on the board today.

and for being "Evac'd", did they take you somewhere? Or give directions?

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No clue, apparently some guys are going berserk and attacking folks, so my guess is Cyber-psychosis or Nano machine faults.
I mean, they might?? Apparently they got a crew to clean up some mob down there, is what my neighbor said he heard.

As for the Evac, they've apparently signed a deal with AUCR in Midnight, and they're moving us there for now.

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Okay, next question.

How many people getting evac'd? You know the districts or somethin'?

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Seen a friend from New-port getting Evac'd too, but pals from Watson are still at home, it seems really random almost.

| How organized are the evac?

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I'd like to say it was /better/ but it was decent, the officers were nice enough, and they seemed to care, even if it was just their job.

Far from the rumors, is what I'd boil it down to.

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That's how they get you.
Fake politeness from behind their faceplates.

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Loser conspiracy, what did a cop take your sweetroll?

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Lol, lmao
Keep squealing piggy.

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I own you, bet you were one of those lazered out brains following LAZARIANTHAPOCALYPSE back in the day.

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