I discriminate against lilims.

| They're metal fiends with built in mockeries of biological functions. How are they conscious, independent with sovereign thoughts? Manufactured life shouldn't be worse than biological life, but I can't help myself. Explain? I have brainworms.

| It... doesn't >>>necessarily sound like you discriminate against them-- it sounds a little more like you don't>>>understand them.


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I discrimate against YOU! Filthy dirtbag.

| Bet you're a meatbag too. Filthy dirtbag meatbag.

| You'd think the metal shells would learn to appreciate the meatbags who make em' but I guess they're just like real kidss in that regard.

| You'd think so, given the barcodes on their ankles and all.

| Try find cells if aren't there, it's dead

| my pronouns are also "hu/man"

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Wait I'm lost, do you mean the children or the Lilims??

| A bit of both, I honestly can't remember the last time I didn't buy a baby.

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You, /what/??

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