| >A video is posted
>The video is filmed from a distance, it focuses first on a car speeding away, A large white spot standing upon it's roof.
>The camera zooms, and reveals the spot's identity, A White Knight wearing thick power-armor plating.
>The car heads straight to a police barrage and the White knight jumps an impressive 15 meter into the air, landing directly in front of the barrier, flicking one of the cars composing it on it's side with a single swipe.

| >The White knight doesn't stop there, turning around, he slams his armor into two officers wearing yellow armbands, who are sent flying as the black Car rolls by the opening created within the barricade.
>The figthing keeps up as the White knight deftly avoids gun fire and begins to wreak havoc on the remaining officers and their vehicles, An explosion shakes the footage as the cameraman seeks shelter.
>The footage ends

| JESUS CHRIST, did you see that shit? That WK just flipped like, four cars with their bare hands????

| So it's true, they're bringing the WK back.

| >>975398
Not those pricks again. I hope people got their sabot rounds.


| That's an odd armor, Blitzkrieg specs, not a lot of those left in town... are they making new ones?

| >>975445
Oh, I fucking hope so. Been wanting to play with em in a while. Anyone know how I can get my hand on one?

| >>975562
Ask QUINCY if he's got spares or something.

| >>975624
Ask QUINCY to spare DEEZ

| >>975562
The buy out rate is sure to jump up with everything happening.

Your best bet is to hurry.

| Jesus, guy looked like a spartan flipping those things...

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