| I heard the aftershocks from fucken Frankton; this ain't no bomb, it was a MOAB or somethin??? Shit punched through my windows!!! Nearly bonked my dang head on the shower head too!

| I felt it all the way near the Capitol man... sounded way closer than just Jinston!

| >>975320
Got those powerbombas, probably used Deep charges on the plates to get the roads the way they were in those pictures on the news....

| >>975612
Worker from Infra-com here, we got a plate warning on DT's 28-092A (That's Jinston's 4th plate for the normies out here), when we tried going out our boss suddenly got called off for an "urgent meeting", this things as a whole stinks.

| >>975621
Corpos being corpos, bet this only the start of the whole mess, watch this shit...

| >>975621

| >>975621
Dang, so what are you tryin' to say? that its an inside job? like 9/11?

| >>976021
Can't believe that one is still going around www

| >>976173
Some things never change...

| >>976406
War? War never changes?

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