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(News) Explosions Rock Glitch City's Downtown as GCPD Convoy Ambushed

| [09/17/XX] Written by Luke Craber; Augmented Eye Political analyst.

Glitch City – Panic and chaos erupted in Glitch City's Downtown today as a series of powerful explosions tore through the streets, targeting a heavily guarded convoy meant to carry the city's current Commissioner, Pascal Destours. Details remain scarce, and the situation has left residents and authorities alike in a state of profound mystery and concern.

| The incident unfolded with stunning swiftness, shattering the tranquil urban landscape. Eyewitnesses reported hearing a deafening cacophony of blasts as the convoy made its way through the bustling heart of the city. Thick plumes of smoke and dust quickly enveloped the area, obstructing visibility and adding to the sense of disarray.

| Commissioner Pascal Destours, a prominent figure in Glitch City's law enforcement, was scheduled to be transported as part of a routine meeting concerning the sudden re-affectation of Minister Sorensson. However, as the explosions rocked the convoy, the fate of Commissioner Destours remains unknown, and authorities have been unable to confirm his safety or condition.

| Emergency response teams, including the Glitch City Police Department (GCPD) and medical personnel, immediately swarmed the scene, attempting to gain control of the situation and provide assistance to any potential victims. Helicopters and emergency vehicles could be seen converging on the area, their sirens wailing in the tumultuous aftermath.

| The motive behind this brazen attack remains unclear, and authorities are working tirelessly to unravel the circumstances surrounding the ambush. Glitch City's residents, meanwhile, are left to grapple with the unsettling combination of panic and mystery that has descended upon their normally bustling downtown district.

| As the investigation unfolds, questions abound, and the city holds its collective breath, awaiting updates on the fate of Commissioner Destours and the revelation of the enigmatic forces behind this shocking and sinister incident.


| Fuckers actually pulled the trigger on their own man.


| Weird how we got so many news about explosions yet I ain't seeing any ambulances moving OUT of the zones so far.

Word of the street is that the explosions were underneath the street where the convoy went through, and yet the reports only mention the Commissioner and no other casualty reports... weird.

Anyone picking up what I'm laying down? Might be a set up to drum up support, or a smoke screen to just get the assassination over with without hassle or wasted matériel...

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Conspiracy theory go brrrrrrrrrr

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Nice wall of text, but here's my question? So what? what you gonna do about it? Nothing that's right, now go back to polishing your work chair instead of wasting time on /u/.

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Glowie Detected, opinion invalid.

I bet you're with WK

| >>975711 look at this self important faggot.

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Hey, I'm just saying it's weird, no need to be a fucker about it, unless you've got a much better theory mister "Worker man*

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