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[Radio] Radio Wire 21


>A familiar set of voices voices breaks trough the static threshold of old static coming from one of the so many abandoned frequencies...

| "...Kept you waiting, huh?" -X

"Oh fuck off" -N

"You're just mad you can't do the voice right" -X
"You're just mad I can do your sister right" -N
"So original" -X

| >Throats were cleared and papers were set down in a traditional fashion, the context behind it gone slightly missing as the listeneres could only, well, listen.

"Welcome back guys and gals you're now listenin' to R A D I O W I R E" -X

"The city that never sleeps just went through what felt like a pretty long nap, so what's better than some good ol' morning radio to get those spirits up?" -N

"Mornin'?" -X
>"Radio ?"

"Literally shut up, both of you" -N

| "We've been receiving quite the influx of news and scoops lately.." -X

"And we know what you're thinking: 'Oh Neil please PLEASE read the news to us we need your voice we're so so needy!'" -N


"But all in due time my fellow citizens, the clock of time or something only clocks twice a day when it's right" -N

| "I.. What?" -X

"For now we got the sweet sweet tunes that you love to hear and we promise to open the lines up soon, let's get back to the good ol' days when the police was openly corrupt and nothing was done about it~" -N

>'March of the white knights' begins playing on live!

| >The music fades as the hosts resume on their "charismatic" talk

"Now to say this city is a shit show would be to compliment it, I have stepped on shit that looked more appealing than the looks of this place and if you knew my kind of outings you'd know I'm not talking about ordinary shit, but some neon glowing sticky kind of shit that you only find in the bathroom floors of clubs or underground bars, I'm talking real abstract shit that looks better than this city!" -N

| "Please, get to the point"
>The southern one added, unenthusiastically

"Shut up I'm building up to it, did you know that there's someone lurking in the darkness? A group so vile and so edgy their motives are both mysterious and dangerous just like their name.. Snake in the park!" -N
"No--" -X
"--Coming to us EXCLUSIVELY with a scoop, a divination of what's to come" -N

| "*Ahem*forlegalmattersweclaimthewordexclusivelyasanexaggerationandnotafact"
>He added quickly in one breath and a couple coughs

| "This elusive group CLAIMS the white knights are returning, they claim the BDD or Biohazard Disposal Division (for those uneducated in the matter) have been planning this coup for YEARS and when they come they will come HARD and STRONG and ALL OVER THE PLACE!" -N

>The enthusiasm is contagious, like herpes or the so called 'mass hysteria'

| "..So watch your faces if you plan to be out of the splash zone cause if these OUTRAGEOUS claims are true we're yet to see more infighting within the GCPD and I, for one, welcome both sides completely obliterating each other" -N

>"..Under no circumstance does Radio Wire advocate for anarchism or violence of any kind, the opinions from each member of the station are their own and do not represent us as a group"

| "We got more news cookin' in the oven but if we spill it all within the first 30 minutes there's no guarantee y'all'll stay tuned so if you're itchin' for more gossip please bear with us a little longer!" -X

>'Welcome to VA-11 HALL-A' begins playing on live, the volume lowering each time any of the hosts spoke giving a nostalgic sense of inconvenience

"Always wondered what that song was about.. Anyway lines are open everyone, we're here to listen to your random inanities" -X

| >"Mark 555-XXXXXXX To talk on live with no other than Neil Michaels at our main line"

>"Mark 545-XXXXXXX To talk on live with our second host AND manufacturer of the new place, Xii"

>"Mark 535-XXXXXXX for the complementary line to have a live call on air with me, California"

| >Call on line 555

| > Call on line 545-XXXXXXX

| >>975145
>Neil picks up line '555'

"Hello and welcome to the first Pilar of free speech in Glitch City, Radio Wire! Did you know you can say anything you want on air without having to prove yourself? None of those persky dangerites asking for "SoUrCe" or to "BaCkUp yOuR GlAiMs" , you're listening to Neil 'Big D' Michael's who's more than eager to hear you as well, let's start with a name there buddy" - N

| >>975146
>Xii picks up line '545'

"Hello and welcome to the one place QUINCY can't shut down, largely due to the fact that he:
A) Doesn't care.
B) Doesn't know.
C) All of the above.
But he's not who matters here it is you, the one callin' cause ya' know 'bout this place and you had the guts to call anyways, I sure appreciate you called this line first and not cause the other one was occupied, right??" -X

| "..Just fuckin' with ya', what's good? You're on air right now so make it good and PLEASE don't just be another fuckin' weirdo calling us here by accident" -X

| >>975162
"Oh-- this, um-- this isn't the... place to tune into for the reboot of 'A Prairie Home Companion'... is it...?"

>Whoever's speaking sounds like he now (unfortunately) knows what the answer to his question is, but there's some tiny shred of hope driving him to ask, anyway. He mutters to himself.

"I knew the 'News From Neo-Lake Wobegon' segment sounded off..."

| >>975122
>Call on line 535

| >>975164
Do you think that there's really going to be a coup? The gangs in the Motor are already on edge enough as it is. It should be safe here, right???

| >>975184
"Hey there no need to be disappointed, do you even know what just happened? You went out to find copper and you found Gold baby! Now I am contractually obligated to beat you up for giving reboots any kind of chance, I'm sorry but that's how it is I- I don't even care that it's also Radio you're probably feeding more views into the machine, the Radio killing machine, and I-"

>The senseless rambling went on like this for about 2 and a half more minutes without pause.

| "...First time caller, then? Do you know what we do here? Cause if you're also a fellow Radio-enthusiast then you've come to the right place" -N

| >>975201
>"Hello and welcome!"

>The same automated voice that came through every once and then

>"If you were trying to reach our business line I'm sorry to inform you you dialed the wrong number! If not I'm more than happy to receive you, you're talking with California here at Radio Wire on live~ Is there an individual's name behind the phone or is this another group calling to threaten us ~ ?"

| >>975234
>Well... he's got the rambling down, but other than that this guy's /definitely/ no Garrison Keillor... perhaps the moniker "Garrison Neil-lor" would be more appropriate?

"Ah... y-yes, this is my first time calling in to... >>>this particular station. I was looking for something... a little more lighthearted than NPR."

>A beat.

"Ah... n-no, actually-- what is it that you do here?"

| >>975214
"I mean I'm no sociologist or whatever they're called but ah' wouldn't like to be around gangs if the goddamn police department went into a civil war, they already do as little as an institution can humanly do, make them do actual work and I assure there'll be nothin' standin' between the gangs and whatever the fuck they want.." -X

| >He remained pensive for a few seconds

"About this happenin' or not, well.. QUINCY just recently did some stupid administrative decision, if you can believe that, that we're gonna be coverin' later so.. I ain't sayin' there's reasons for a coup but I'm also not saying there ain't no reasons for one.." -X

| >>975239
"Oh boy where do I begin.. First of all, we don't do any of that NPR shit like- look I'm not judging you but I can't see how someone gets off to getting cheated on that's- that's just sick, you know? Again I'm NOT judging you but I just can't see the appeal to it.." -N

>The confusion was more than obvious for those suffering from dyslexia or brainrot produced by spending an unhealthy amount of their free time online.

| "..But yeah we do news, for one, the kind of news that you won't see in the augmented eye if you *know* what I mean, wink wink; events too, last year I accidentally had a bunch of people sending me dick pics with my name on them so we're being a little more careful about what kind of event we do now but they always come with a prize so maybe take that in mind next time you choose where to tune!" -N

| >>975259
>The shearing screech of cogs grinding against each other and frantic clack of gears meshing is almost audible through your receiver as the man on the other end of the line struggles to figure out what the fresh fuck you just said. Is that hissing you hear the steam coming out of his ears, or airwave static?

"I... um, I beg your pardon?"

>Was there some "after dark" episode of "Snap Judgement" he'd missed?

| >>975260
"Ah... are you saying the >>>events came with a prize, or..."

>He flounders. The man is clearly /very/ confused.

"... the... um, t-the... >>>pictures..."

>Confused, and... sickened-- yet, curious.

| >>975263
"Oh nonono see, I setup a fun little event where people had to send a picture with my name written on a part of their body and, well, you can probably put the rest or the pieces together, my inbox looked like a butcher's stand for like a week, I learned something though, I learned this city is waaay more diverse than I first though, the winner got some concert tickets as a prize if I remember correctly, and she sent an arm rather than a dick" -N

| >>975264
>So, this was "accidental", huh...?

"Ah, well... with all due >>>respect, sir-- this>>>is Glitch City we're talking about, here."

>"Accidental"-- yeah, and if my grandmother had /wheels/, she'd be a /bicycle/-- this is what the caller finds himself thinking, and he tries hard not to let his tone of voice telegraph his inner monologue.

"The outcome of this, ah... >>>event of yours-- it can't be>>>that surprising to you, can it?

| >>975270
"Look it was the first time I set up this specific kind of event, ok? I knew Glitch City shares a lot of similarities with NSF but I didn't expect the people to behave the same too, you know ?" -N

>A moment of realization, though of his own words rather than those of the caller

| "Like-ok is not that I got these kinda messages at NSF, ok? You gotta understand that when you live the scene life these things come at you--pictures, like- by 'things' I mean pictures, okay?? Neil Michael's is no himbo alright? Ask anyone from NSF and-well, no, don't do that err.. Different reasons, listen--" -N

>Before he fell down more metaphorical steps his mic was cut off, only for it to resume a few seconds later

| "...Look, if I, Neil Michael's, *wanted* dick pics you better believe I wouldn't set up some stupid event for it, I *can* get dick pics the usual way if I wanted! Which I don't!" -N

| >>975350
"Oh, um... Mr. Michaels, I'm not implying that >>>you wanted those pictures-- or, if you did, not for, ah...>>>recreational purposes, anyway...?"

>The man pauses. Does he /want/ to pursue this further while on the air? If he does, some of his devoted listeners who sent their dongs might get a little feisty-- and, he's not sure who they'd direct their vitriol at. Let's be careful...

| >>975354

"No, listen-"
>This was the tone of voice of a man rubbing the temple of his nose in an almost audible way, as if this was going to spawn a genie out of his nostrils that could magically disappear the last 30 seconds of his life.

"I.. did *not* plan ahead of people sending me their actual privates, alright? maybe I did just a *little* bit but I was counting on my fanbase being more on the feminine side, you know? I was hoping for tatas, not testes" -N

| "Weren't some of them wearing dresses? That's pretty feminine" -X

>Came a voice from the other line

"For the love of whatever deity your hillbilly ass believes in you better shut your mouth I got this! Look-Look we started on the wrong foot, you don't"
>He chuckled between statements
"You don't REALLY believe I purposefully tried to get those now do you?" -N

| >>975356
"Ah-- I'm sorry-- who was that just now? The one who mentioned dresses."

>We don't need to answer that question /just/ yet...

"Are they a... >>>colleague of yours, Mr. Michaels?"

>There's no way this could be a one-person operation, after all. That's a lot of data to process-- researchers need their overworked, underpaid assistants to do /that/ sort of gruntwork.

| >>975237
"Threaten? Oh no, I would never! How could anyone threaten such an adorable gal like you?"

>A familiar cheerful female voice replies.

"Anyway, heya! It's Alix here again. Red's here too, as always."

>"Hey there."

>Another voice, this time male, interjects.

"And I swear I'll keep the self-plug here to a minimum. So no, this is not a business call."

>"I wonder how long that will last."


| >>975360
"No-look, first of all I work alone!" -N
>A short shared silence occurred between the rest of the people in the station
"That voice is the **second** host, the silver medal, the butt of the jok--" -N

>And the line cuts shortly again, perhaps for some 'behind the scenes humbling' that other lines pick up as the noise of things violently falling from a desk in the background

"..Listen, we don't listen to him, alright? Dresses or not; cute or not, I never asked for this" -N

| >>975393
>"You'd be surprised!"

>She answered her first question with misplaced enthusiasm.

>"I missed hearing from you guys! Please don't worry, you're always more than welcome to use your time on air to sponsor whatever you want for free, Alyx"
"No she's not" -R
>"Yes she is!"

| >"B R E A K I N G - N E W S"

>The ongoing calls are volumed out for a few seconds to allow the following message to come through along with a catchy jingle:

"Explosions have been heard resonating across downtown as a now confirmed resurrection of the white knights is full on motion against the GCPD, we advise our listeners to seek shelter immediately if you haven't already, let the GCPD handle this on their own and remain home with your loved ones, basically: don't be a hero"

| -R*

>The catchy music dies out as the hosts and their current callers can be heard once again, not like you'd miss anything important anyway.

| >>975587
"That's very kind of you! But we'll have to decline, I would hate to put you in trouble!"

>"It's okay, I'll make sure she doesn't start advertising... too muc-"

>Alix cuts in before Red could properly finish his sentence, hoping to change the subject.

"Anyway! October's coming up soon! I was wondering if you guys are having another Halloween party."

>"Also, is Fenrir invited."

| >>975588
>There's a moment of silence as the couple hears the announcement.

>"You hear that? Remain home with your loved ones. Don't be a hero."

>Alix said quietly in the background, her voice lacking her usual cheer.

>"Loud and clear. Don't worry."

>"I mean it, Red, I don't want to hear another phone ringing. I don't want to wake up alone with you gone. I don't want to-"

>You can almost hear tears rolling down her face as she continues talking.

>"Shh, it's okay. I'm here, I won't leave you."


>"Promise. I love you."

>"I love you too."

| >>975581
>Hmm. Maybe we're not going to get much more out of him on-air... is it time to take a stab at trawling the 'net for the skeletons in this man's closet? All we /really/ need to find is who he's affiliated with, and after that it's off to their IRB.

"Mr. Michaels, please; by no means am I saying you >>>asked for this, ah... specific 'brand' of photos-- and, as important as your assistant may be, I'm sure you're the>>>main contributor to this... program you're running."

| >>975715
>Researchers are so petty. Stepping all over each other in their footnotes once they're published...

"Say, you mentioned NSF-- did you have any radio programs like this one that you were a part of during your time there?"

>If /this/ is what he's cutting his teeth on, it's ballsy-- and, I don't mean that literally.

| >>975658
>"..I know it's not our fault, but I still want to apologize for the bad timing at which this announcement came, you should have heard this within the comfort and privacy of your home, and not a broadcasted call, for this, again, I give you two my apologies"

>She sounded pretty honest about this, or at least as honest as an artificial voice can sound.

>"I'm positive things will turn out alright for most of the affected"

| >>975716
"n-uh not really, see, I'm kind of a 'persona no gracias', as the Italians say, regarding NSF, if I ever tried to do some radio over there they'd prolly' find me within 5 minutes and make things really ugly for me" -N

>his tone of voice was a little distracted through this explanation.

"This is why I love this hellhole of a city! Peeps don't ask questions like 'what's your real name, Neil?' or 'why did come here, Neil?' , they have WAY worse things to worry about!" -N

| >>975896
"It's okay, Cali. As you said, it's not your fault. Just... give us a second."

>Red says, louder into the mic before he turned back to talk to his wife. There were quiet sobs in the background.

>"You're gonna be alright? Just nod or shake your head, sweetheart."


>"You sure? We don't have to keep going if you don't want to."

>"It's okay, just... keep holding me for a second."

>Came the reply in Alix's quiet voice.

| >The pair doesn't reply for another moment, with nothing coming through the mic except some more quiet sobs and barely audible comforting words.

"You know, I'm glad it's you we're calling and not Neil. I can imagine how different the respond would be with him on the line."

>Alix said, at last. A little bit of cheer coming back to her, although it's still clear she had been crying.

"So you don't have to apologize, and thank you, for what you said."

| "And we're home, and safe, don't worry. It's my own fault, if anything, for getting emotional."

>She continues. There's another short pause before she says:

"But you don't need to hear any of that. Now, what were we talking about?"

>"The Halloween party?"

"Oh yeah, the Halloween party, are you guys doing that this year still?"

>Her voice perks up again, regain a little bit more of her cheer.

| >>975921
>"Oh that ! I was left instructions to avoid that question when asked, how have you guys been doing? It feels like ages since last we spoke, maybe you want to tell us about the new book you're working on? Remember you have my permission to use this exclusive free spot of publicity~"

| >>975902
"Is your real name... >>>not 'Neil Michaels'?"

>All of a sudden the call becomes muffled-- sounds of a heated discussion are audible through the fuzz of palm-over-mouthpiece feedback. The other voice is not /new/ to you, but you may not be able to readily place it's owner-- on account of you being absolutely shitfaced the few times you've ran into them.

"A-ah, I'm sorry-- Mr. Michaels, my... roommate is here with me, and she wants to speak with you."

| >>975950
"It's... about something different, and she feels it's very important. Important, and... relevant to recent goings-on within the city."

| >>975951
"Well stop beating around the bush and start beating around the meat, put her on! I'd rather talk about literal terrorism than my personal life too, it also sounds like she's a smart-ass so maybe that's what I need" -N

>He didn't seem too worried about the ongoing situation, despite the gravity of it.

"Better yet, she'll be giving us exclusive information, everyone in the city will hear it straight from the source without us having to add fancy words or sound effects" -N

| >>975980
"I-- o-okay, here-- here she is--"

>The man can barely announce his departure (and his roommate's subsequent arrival) as the phone is snatched from his hand.


>The woman accidentally near-bellows into the mouthpiece, the low register of her voice setting your ears abuzz.

"Gotta conspiracy theory for ya. Wanna see'f't holds water. Y'gotta sec?"

| >>975947
>"Well, now you're just asking for it."

>Red comments, which got a short giggle from Alix before she said.

"Honestly, I haven't really released anything big since the last time we met. Mostly just been enjoying married life, y'know?"

>A pause.

"There's only the novella, The Ballad of the Stag, that's really new. It's also released as a comic too. So maybe that'll be more interesting to you guys."

| >>976028
"Hello there destroyer of ears! Damn right I got a second, got a whole hour even if you what you hit me with is good enough" -N

>He showed some enthusiasm and a little more coherence with his words.

"Just try not to swallow the whole damn mic while you're at it, I'd REALLY appreciate if I can get out of this one without tiny tuts" -N

"...Tinnitus" -R

| >>976033

>"A comic will surely appeal more to the younger audiences! And those with an attention span shorter than the average"

>That last comment was thrown with a side of shade, hinting at a certain radio host

>"I personally prefer written fiction, I can see the appeal of comics but I find them ultimately 'bloated' since I can just picture the images myself when the author does a good job at describing the scenery"

| >>976156
"I do like reading comics from time to time too, but I do think there are a lot of things that you can only be conveyed through words. I think there's a beauty in the way an author narrates their work."

>"Yeah, comics are cool and all, but I just like written stuff better for when I lay on Alix's lap and listen to her reading it to me."

"I'm pretty sure you fall asleep half the time we do that."

>"Hey, I don't do it *that* often. I just listen with my eyes closed."

| >>976154
>The woman on the other end of the phone scoffs. Smartass.

"Shit with the hot boys'n the Kevlar pajamas... think it's'n inside job."

>... /What?/

"Somethin' went down'n Chapel-3 years back. Bunch'a zombies'n a complex basement. Dunno how they got there but after they got found, place's torched."

>... Non-citizens, and all. You can hear her speak through gritted teeth as she spits the fate of those who weren't afforded the same decency their legal neighbors were.

| >>976198
"Basement hadda sewer entrance. Maybe they 'scaped inta it... or they came >>>outta it."

>You can imagine her winding the cord of the phone around her finger as she continues... if modern phones had cords, anymore.

"T'contain a biohazard, y'gotta know lotta >>>'bout a biohazard. Y'gotta do field testin'. How>>>else y'gonna know'f shit'll go up'f y'holda match to it?"

>She muses. You can tell she's a /little/ proud of cooking this one up.

| >>976199
"Can't jus' >>>wait >>>around fer this shit t'spawn in mass amounts... so, what're y'gonna do?"

>A beat.

"Yer gonna make yer tes' subjects >>>yerself... 'n yer gonna keep'm where no sane person wants t'go. Dirty li'l secret'n a dirty li'l sewage maze."

>Describing the waste water system of GC as merely "dirty" is /awfully/ charitable...

| >>976201
"... Y'catchin' what'm sayin', Neil? Case y'>>>aren't--"

>Guy's probably dozed off at least once during this spiel...

"-- either the Bio Div let their lab rats get outta control, 'n they're too cheap t'call'n exterminator; >>>or..."

>She lowers her voice. Although both options are bad, this one is much more insidious.

"... the boys wanna play with some new toys that Mama'n Papa dunno 'bout. Whadd'ya think?"

| >>976161

>"D'aww you guys really make being single by choice so easy!"


>"I'm just kidding~ I find it so curious to see your relationship so lively after hearing so much bashing at traditional marriage from.. Close influences."

>"Each time you call surprises me a little, you still have the.. Flame? I guess? Of a newly made couple, even after so much time together"

| >>976203
"I think.." -N
>And he closes his distance to the microphone while mimicking the lowered tone of voice she did
"I think I'm confused" -N


"With all means to offend your accent sounds worse than cowboy's over here, I can tell you're dropping some real shit on me but I can't tell which language you're using for that, so let me see if I got this straight" -N
>And a deep breath now before beginning his recap.

| "You're saying everything going to shit right now is either a cover-up for them to get rid of the suspects of that fucked up virus they did years back at chapel-3, according to your sources of course, or for them to try and use a perfected weaponized version of it?" -N

>Recapped with no stutters nor slurring of his speech, for once tonight.

| >>976278
"'Withall means t'ffend'-- >>>up >>>yours, >>>pally!!"

>Compared to her... less than stellar diction earlier, you can practically hear /every letter/ of her insult as she growls it at you.

"Go take't from one'a chummers'n yer >>>scrapbook. Lord knows y'got 'nough pics t'>>>fill >>>one."

>She takes a moment to process Neil's summary of what she just told him-- gotta make sure he didn't miss anything.

"... Yeah-- 's what'm sayin'."

>He heard her, clear as crystal.

| >>976281
"... 'n, no matter which't is, they're 'heroes' >>>ev'ry... >>>fuckin'... >>>time."

>Her voice drips with contempt.

"Ain't nobody questionin' 'em-- mundies like us >>>dunno'ny better, 'n we ain't flame retardant."

>She shifts her tone of voice to whatever it is she feels best matches the average /u/ enjoyer.

"Ohhh, guys with'a throwers >>>better know what they're doin'-- 'n'f they>>>don't, I don't really wanna find out..."

| >>976265
"Oh, I don't know. Why am I so heads over heels for you, honey?"

>"My great looks and sense of humor?"

"You have a horrible sense of humor."

>"I can still make you laugh though."

"Only because I'm such a good, supportive wife. I would *hate* to make you feel bad about your horrible jokes."

>"Alright, alright, I think we all know the truth, but if you don't want to admit it, that's fine too."

>A chuckle from the both of them.

| >A chuckle from the both of them.

"Anyways, I guess we've been together for so long that we just... understand each other? It feels like Red is reading my mind sometimes, like he can just detect whenever I'm feeling down."

>A short pause.

"Don't get me wrong, we definitely had our misunderstandings and arguments and stuff. It's just... I just feel like we're so understanding and supportive of each other, we eventually just talk it out and made up."

| >"And the make-up sex is awesome."

"Let's... not go there. But yeah, anyway. I know he doesn't look like such a good partner, but you'd be surprised."

>"What's that supposed to mean?"

>Red replies indignantly, and promptly gets ignored

"It's just really nice to have someone there by your side to suppot you, pick you up when you're feeling down, you know? I just can't help but feel so... giddy and warm when I'm around him."

| >>976288
"I honestly wish I could share with you how much I wish for both sides to obliterate the shit out of each other but apparently calling out for violence is 'fucked-up' and 'super illegal', the bunch of amateurs I have to deal with, woman I swear.." -N

>A sight of annoyance, a universality emotion, could be heard from his end, then the sudden rush of papers from a desk.

| "Now, something's clicking over here, you did talk about 'em zombies and I did ignore that part assuming you were exaggerating but.. Here-" -N

>And voilà, a single paper being lifted in a non-cliché way.

"We're gonna be covering soon how this one company at pulse city was caught experimenting on humans, err.. mystek is the name, rings a bell? Wanna take a wild fucking guess on what the experiments were about?" -N

| >And he closes once more the distance between him and his mic, going as far as mimicking her accent, poorly.

"quee'eeck r'generation" -N

| >>976301
>"I know what you mean"

>She replied with a sigh of melancholy, a pointless action coming from a lungless individual.

>"Quite a lot of people seem to just find their second half, the common pattern I've noticed is how no such thing exists, the solution seems to relay on *making* your second half, each one changing on small things to properly fit the other, until you have.."

>And this was quite a large pause

"A perfect relationship, with someone as imperfect as you"

| >"A perfect relationship, with someone as imperfect as you" *

| >>975214

"Hey buddy this isn't phone sex, ya' don't get to shoot your load and dip, are ya' with me? Did the explosion get you or somethin'?" -X

| >>976603
"Yeah, I feel like there's a lot of compromise that comes with a relationship, and there's a lot of effort that has to go into that to really make it work."

>There was a pause as Alix shifts to address her husband.

"I know I don't say this enough, but I really appreciate how much you put into making 'us' work. You really always try your best when it comes to us and I really love you for that."

>There was another pause.

| >"Okay, I know I've been joking around this whole time, but I just want you to know that I feel the same way. You're amazing, and I really want you to know that."

"Thank you..."

>You can hear an audible kiss before Red turns back to address you.

>"I feel like the hardest part about this is trying not to take them for granted, because that's something I really don't want to do, but it's easy sometimes to forget how lucky I am to get to wake up next to somebody I love everyday."

| >>976581
"... What? That s'posed t'be >>>me jus' now? I don't--"

>She pauses as a comment Neil had made a little earlier-- the stray remark about ignoring her mention of zombies, and assuming she was blowing what she saw out of proportion-- lands, and lands /hard/.

"... Y'know what, >>>fuck you."

>The call abruptly disconnects. Line 555 is now free for use.

| >>976829
>A few seconds after there is a call on the line.

| >>976693
>"It's really heart-warming to hear these things from you guys, not just the lovey dovey parts but the serious approach of your relationship, that still you mention them with such love.."


| >>976693
>"It's really heart-warming to hear these things from you guys, not just the lovey dovey parts but the serious approach of your relationship, that still you mention them with such love.."

>Nothing but quiet came from her end for a bit, matching the way she finished that statement with a pensive tone.

>"It lasts forever, doesn't it? That feeling, that attraction.. No matter how stiff the routine gets, it keeps lasting no matter what you do.."


| >>977082
"Oh, I don't know if it lasts forever, but I really hope it does."

>"I hope so too. But then, we're not perfect as we make it out to be, eh? God knows I know how to piss you off sometimes."

"Yeah, I think married life's not as bad as certain radio host likes to make it out to be, but it's not perfect either. I think what really make or break a relationship is not the lovey-dovey part, but really how you handle the lows, and I think we're doing a decent job at that."

| >"It really helps that you're such a lovable sweetheart, though. It's like cheating."

"Awww, shut up! You're making me blush again!"

>There was a pause as she giggles and there seems to be a bit of a struggle going on the other side, and a bunch of very audible kisses. It's adorable, or nauseating... or both, actually.

"But anyway, what about you, have you found yourself your own sweetheart yet?"

| >>976829
"I'm here all week honey name time and place and I can make it happen" -N
>He spat back after she hung up

>Right after he picks up line '555', again
"Hello there and welcome to the radio waves factory that goes by the name of Radio Wire, have you ever slept with a superstar? Me neither, but stay in line long enough and one of us will get the chance to do so, wink wink" -N

"What brings you to our humble adobe today, fellow caller?" -N

| >>977125
>on the other side is another female voice, a kind of odd accent not the same as that other one. Midwestern is the word?
"Ay that sounded a bit rough. But yeah caught ya at the right time. Names Crystal_Mind. I'm from Pulse City. Some stuff under wraps that news didn't mention I got some private info on."

| >Click on line '545'
"Next time ah' swear I'm gonna lose it" -X

>Xii mumbled

"545 is open for anyone willin' to call and leave again, c'mon assholes ah' know you wanna'!" -X

| >>977103
>"My love life has been similar to an update stuck at 99%, never quite there~"

>She said smugly, despite the depressive nature of her statement

>"Xii says you learn to be happy on your own but that sounds like a coping mechanism to be honest"
"Thank you Cali" -X
>"Then there's people like Neil with an... Active lifestyle, but it doesn't seem like a good alternative, it looks.. Hollow? I don't like any of the two alternatives yet they're the only ones I have learned from"

| >>977176
"Oh lady you picked *just* the right station for this then, the right line too since my natural ability to get people to spill their beans at me is the reason I still have this job, I want you to open the entire can and spill them beans all over me like I'm the empty bowl of a starving orphan" -N


"The stage is yours, please tell us and everyone listening what the CORPS don't want the average citizen to know, show and tell us what exactly are they hiding" -N

| >>977217
>Call on line 545

| >>977220
"Ya'll got weird metaphors haha, but yeah nah. So That real thing they were doing went a bit beyond quick regen. It involved immortality. Using kind of bits and pieces of animal DNA. Like how there's this one thing... A hammerhead worm, that you basically can't kill. Straight up immortal. They did another thing where they were using a research nonprofit for "Ads" to get around regulations in Pulse to keep med stuff competitive."

| >>977218
"Well, I don't think that those are bad, necessarily, as long as you're happy with it. It's okay to live without a partner. There's a lot of way to live a fulfilling life. You can try to find your passion and pursue it, for example."

>Alix replies.

"But that doesn't mean you should give up either, though. I think you should keep yourself open. You can try to engage in something that you enjoy, then maybe you'll meet someone who shares your interest. That's a good syart."

| >>977221
>Xii picks up line '545'
"Hello hello and welcome welcome to Xii M. Loses his goddamn mind on live! You know what to do with an individual who's way overdue on mood stabilizers? Ya' give him a mic and sit him down to do Radio, that's what you do.. For real though who's callin'? Hang up on me and ah' swear I'll track you down" -X

"...Radio Wire does not endorse any real threat of violence, the statements made in this station are made with satirical intent" -R

| >>977225
"So like.. Would you say calling the test subjects 'zombies' would be an accurate representation? I kiiiinda would really love if both stories were connected cause that'd make for one hell of ​a scoop, you know?" -N

>He had the tone of a child asking to get two happy meals instead of one, such audacity.

"What progress do you think or *know* they have with this 'medicine', should we be concerned for immortal CEOs and politicians yet?" -N

| >>977300
>"That's a good dream"

>She said wrapping up with some dry laughter, somehow more artificial than her entire manner of speaking.

>"I appreciate the encouragement though, I know one thing I'll never run short of is friends and support, you and the guys mean a lot to me, even despite the short time I've officially known you and Red"

| >>977523
"Well, one kind of but still no. Nah this was mostly like, surviving a bullet and healing back up. And nah no worry about that, as far as I know. New friend CN said something similar happened here, but that also got taken care of. Nah, the research was conveniently dusted. Then the info it happened sent over. In pulse it's like a bunch of the corps like to pretend they're good so they got "ethics" boards, keepin em in line."

| >>977487
>A voice comes through on the phone, a woman's tone which somehow seems far away, like she's holding her phone at arms lenghts

"Heya! First time caller here, yeah? Threats of violence on arrival though, that's a novel way to get me to stay on the line-- Anyway, hey; Shimamura here, yo~ Everyone at home are you seeing this? Makin' my radio debut, yeah?"

>The woman's tone is all over the place, but overall she seemss pretty stoked to be on the show.

| >>977526
"Thank you. I really appreciate your friendship as well!"

>"Yeah, we love you too, Cali."

"Anyway, I think I've been rambling here for long enough. Let's call it here for now. We'll call again later. See ya!"

>She says enthusiastically, before the call ends.

| >>977531
"At least you got ethic boards working over there, I sincerely believe that the ones over here are straight up non-existent and the only reason the corpos try to be """subtle""" is to mock our intelligence" -N

>"Cause if even Neil can see it--"
"--Shut up, just.. Shut up you" -N

| "..So, like, it's swept under the table then? We're receiving a bunch of reports about things in downtown escalating rather than dying down and I think the people would love to know if one of the factions out there is brushing off bullet wounds like mosquito bites, I know those freaks at pulse don't necessarily work with the ones we have here at GC buuuut.." -N

| "You know.. if something similar is already happening down here I want to confirm at least one of the two cities got their shit taken down, that cute "lady" did sound pretty serious about the undead or whatever, if you could even understand any of that" -N

| >>977545
"Lady dont even get me started on threats of violence" -X

>This was likely said as a joke but the delivery failed quite miserably.

"What's your deal? Ya' sound like ADHD had a voice and to be honest I'm kinda diggin' it, am ah' gonna find my own voice on some live stream if ah' look up that name?" -X
>"Fun fact: You can find your own voice in a live stream if you look up 'Radio Wire'!"
"Shut up Cali" -X

| >>977587

>With no further comment but rather a purposely picked pause before her next announcement she let the call end amicably, not joining the trend of any other call done today so far.

>"...Line '535' is once again open for any potential callers still waiting for an opening! I'm here all day~"

| >>977842
"Livestream? Nah, I'm too old to figure out how those work yeah? I mean, that's why I'm callin' a radio right now ain't it? Old media and I get along better than those new age thingamajig yeah? Oh, and before you ask, the age's a secret."

>The lady laughs heartily

"Just figured I'd try and call, see if the phone line works here, loads o' rats sometimes think they can munch on em' yeah? That or copper thieves"

| >>977846
"Well ya' had my interest and now ya' have even more of it, kind of refreshin' to hear someone who appreciates ol' technology rather than takin' what they have for granted, and this is comin' from someone who's like 20% copper" -X

>He joined with a small laugh of his own

"guess askin' what brings ya' here would be kind of redundant at this point now wouldn't it? " -X

| >>977839
"Well the board says ethics but it's mostly so one corp doesn't cause problems for the other skytops. It's like, your body repairs and pushes out the wounds and stuff. You don't go zombie like. So don't think that's the same as that last one. But yeah that corp protection is why they didn't say the whole thing."

| >>977855
"Hey, 'would be redundant, but what's a little repetition amongst newly met pals? Plus, I bet some of yer viewin' base's gotta have faulty ears, so may as well say it again, for the folks at home yeah?

>She breathes in deeply, her voice booms out

"Heya!! It's ya favorite; Shimamura here, yahoo, y'all doin' alright?? I'm callin' because I'm bored!!"

| >>977888
"Makes sense, kinda sucks you guys don't also have a zombie problem over there but it makes sense that even the goddamn ethics department doesn't care about ethics but the other corpos instead, say.. With the recent uprisings going on over here do you think something similar might happen over there? Like how the French were inspired by the American revolution to start their own" -N

| >>977917
"Ain't that the spirit" -X

>A smile was pretty obvious from the tone of his voice

"You don't even know how tirin' it gets to pick up calls from nothin' but weirdos, peeps say somethin' about misery lovin' company but hearin' ya' makes me believe the same goes with joy and whatnot" -X

| >>978152
"Hahaha, an uprising? There's been a few that's been tried there. We got a gang issue there. Basically sometimes a gang empire rises or falls. Chem Burners, Dust Queens. The skycrunchers in the city are kept just comfortable enough to not riot, and dissent is silenced as objection to the "Activist" parts of corps. The closest possible is Dust Hills, basically imagine your flooded but populated and dirt. I don't see that happening for a while, got a friend with plans tho."

| >>978153
"Must be the miasma, y'know Glitch City is depressin' so I guess it just /makes/ people like that yeah? Me though, I like shitholes, and they like me in return~ya"

>More laughter over the line

"Sharin' some of that joy's all I can do yeah? Can't be keepin it all to myself; that'd make me a pretty awful person!"

| >>978197
"What kind of plans?" -N

>His attention noticeably perked up

"Not that I value some sweet scoop over the safety of your friend but imagine just how badass would it be if you gloated about it here and *then* it happens, your friend will thank you for believing so hard on him-" -N

>The noise of some struggle interrupted him for a short time, then he kept egging on like nothing happened

"-Ever heard of peer pressure? Some silly made-up term, come on, just tell us~" -N

| >>978199
"And don't we got enough of those in this city!" -X
>He adds right away, cheerfully
"I can count a handful in this station alone I'll tell ya' that much"

>An exhale, the kind one takes after a playful race or running upstairs

"God, lady, you aren't even just contagious you're a God given plague of joy, had this city more of your kind and we wouldn't have manniacs wearin' underwear over their jammies to go fight crime, to name just *one* of so many loonies" -X

| >>978463
"Oh my friends a girl. She's my old ganger buddy. It's why she helped me with that job. There was a big payday from the whistleblower."

| >>978466
"Huh, do you think she would be interested in calling us herself at any point in the future? We'll always appreciate gals like you calling to spill all the beans these corpos keep hogging, takes guts or suicidal tendencies to do that" -N


"You er.. You have guts, right? Not the other thing? Cause if I see you in the papers tomorrow or something I'll prolly be flamed for it" -N

| >>978497
>Crystal_Mind lets out a laugh
"Yeah I'm mostly bio. Lost arms and legs some years ago but other than that. I do got some internal stuff to help with hacking."
>She thinks for a moment
"As for letting ya talk to her... Well her name is Killer Lolita, to give ya a hint. She can be a bit crazy for some folks."

| >>978465
"Hey, but the maniac wearing their underwear over helmets are kind of a GC staple right? wouldn't be the same place without all the craziness yeah? I for one, have learned to appreciate it."

>Shima says, chuckling as she does

| >>978627
"Lady, you clearly need to listen to this show more often if you think we're deterred by crazy, we make those base heads at downtown look like lawyers and judges rather than lowlife gangsters claiming to be hot shit-" -N

"Easy" -R

"..Tell you what, if you can get her to call us any other day I can promise you something good, I'll think of something, but getting a scoop OR fucking with someone that goes by 'killer Lolita' is definetly something I'd put on my bucket list"

| >>978710

"Might be just me but I was never a fan of vigilantes, specially when they go out of their way to look this glamorous, doesn't really spark trust on me, y'know?" -X


"-That being said ah' can acknowledge GC wouldn't be this charismatic mess without 'em, love or hate 'em they're part of the culture, which frankly says a lot about this place" -X
>He added that last comment without keeping himself from laughing at the ridiculousness.. No, silliness* of the topic.

| >>978761
>she starts laughing
"Alright sure. I'll see if Klaus can pull some long form connection from Pulse."

| >>978762
>Crys speaks up again
"Yeah your sentai culture is kind of neat. Black Panties was over in Pulse once helping with some triads apparently. It also helped me out because that let me get some equipment for a big ganger job some years ago."

| >>978762
"Guess that's fair yeah? You get yourself out there 'for the people' and then you end up making a big advert of yourself instead right? Kinda weird how that works out-ya"

>The woman says, trying to sound measured, she's barely containing a chuckle

"Plus it's really like, 'really your clothes are a wacky color??' Yeah; couldn't ya have picked something a bit more, ya know... cool yeah?"

| >>978767
"I'll appreciate it like you have no idea, just like I appreciate you not showing the **other** host any attention when it is I, Neil, who gave you the privilege of being here with us today" -N

"How about ya' give us the privilege of shutting the fuck up??" -X
>His complaint came out muffled from the other line, as some thudding made it clear the mic was covered by hand rather than just muted.

| >>979019
"That's my whole deal about it! See, people like to put down them freelancin' vigilantes for lookin' all edgy and whatnot but if the alternative was wearin' my undies onto my head or my boxers over my jeans ya' better believe I'll choose to go out lookin' as edgy as them viper guys or whatever rather than the former" -X
>A moment of quiet, of taking a breath.
"..huge prompts for 'em though, can't agree with their choice of uniform but they do put their lives out there" -X

| >>979348
"Okay-ya, Gun to your head, what piece of wacky Wardrobe equipment are you putting on to join em'? Might work as a personality test of sorts yeah?"

>She pauses

"Okay, Not at all-ya, but hey still, I'm >>>Curious yeah?"

>Giggling is heard over the other side of the line

"I'm thinkin' no one's got the bra yeah? But maybe that's a bit too slutty?"

| >>979343
"Yeah, yeah... I'll see what I can do."
>sounds of something growling... A crocodile? How is it that loud though?
"You know your Flooded is pretty neat. Been messing about for a bit. Found a talking Pumpkin that was neat."

| >>979442
>the call suddenly drops



| >>979408
"Ah'd argue that the panties are sluttier but God forbid ah' say anythin' wrong about that one" -X

>"Watch it!"

"Gun to my head, though? Fuck it I'll take the bra, somehow wearin' someone else's undies over my clothes seems better than my own, y'know? Fightin' crime's already hard enough I can't even imagine doing it with my red hearts boxers on display for the whole world to see, if that ain't a sight ah' don't know what is" -X
>Clearly the voice of a philosopher

| >>979453
"A talking.. What? Hello?" -N
>There was some silence before he realized that there wasn't anyone on the line anymore

"..I swear to GOD if this whole thing was the rambling of some tripping junkie and that first girl was the one making more sense someone's gonna get it" -N

>"Line '555' is now available!"

| >>980313
>"Shima" laughs boisterously over the line

"Well ain't ya' a man with his heart on his sleeve, or underwear in this case, yeah?"

>She seems pleased with that one, you can almost feel her winking from the phone line, like some kind of premonition, or imprint into your brain.

"The bra though, I say depend' on the model yeah? A sports bra's just lame-ya, you gotta pack somethin' real colorful yeah? Thinkin' one of em Lacy kinds, what color they missin' too? Can't be red.."

| >She pauses, thinking deeply, you hear her mumbling through a list of colors.. orange? Didn't they /have/ an orange guy?, Purple? Nah, bad taste in the city right now...

"They had Green, yeah? Can't be green right? That was the huh... The weirdo one who went rogue Yeah?"

>Shima asks, still mulling over which color would make the brassiere really *pop*

"Brown's too bland, Although a Brown Shorts might have made it more funny-ya, imagine the call; brown shorts on the scene-ya!"

| >>980469
"Lady-" -X
>He couldn't help himself but snort at the suggestion, unscripted laughter that's so very uncommon amongst those in the media business
"-Lady. If the whole wardrobe gang wasn't a shitpost on its' own already them addin' Goddamn 'brown shorts' would be the cherry on top, and y'know what? ah' can't see it as beyond them! They could go announce in this very instant that a new member by the name of 'brown pants' just joined them and I wouldn't even bat an eye" -X

| >>980775
>Shima starts giggling like a schoolgirl, before breaking down into a full on laugh

"Ya right, Wouldn't be too impressed, readin' the news yeah? ''New justicier!!! Brown Pants'' I'd be like, Took em long enough-ya, and hey, t'least he'll be ready when nature calls on the job; that was always what I worried about with those powersuited guys, yeah? they got like... a /trap door/ down ere'-ya?"

>She muses, still laughing

| >there is a 25 zenny donation with a comment
>"Been a while, checking if this old account still works. Hope so, good times with you all."


| >>981055
"Lady with how much those freaks probably spend in rooftops they'd be givin' pigeons a run for their money if those darn powersuits came with a trapdoor" -X

>This is the most this man has been ever caught laughing on live, s statement that different perspectives would see as either wholesome or depressing.

"Can't believe I'm sayin' this but if that were the case ah'd probably be on God damn brown shorts' side, who craps his trousers but not the houses" -X

| >"Thanks to Error#34NoSignature for your donation! Every small bit you can donate helps our humble station grow more and more!"

"Speak for yourself, I want people donating FAT stacks just so big Neil can get spend his cut on some DFC model" -N

>"Please don't look at me when you say that"

| >>980315
>a new call enters the 555 from a weird number
>looks like there is a few extra digits but sometimes there's a sudden drop and recall and the numbers change

| >>981904

>Neil picks up on line '555'

"Hello and welcome to what we call the last hope for radio, Radio Wire ! Actively killing off what little remains of it!" -N

"Now, as a heads up I gotta warn that your number shows up all scrambled up on the machine so if you're the government coming after us: try and stop us, lol, lmao" -N

"..If you are not: I, Neil Michael's, welcome you to our humble line and give you the permission to speak up, maybe start with your name or something"-N

| >>982099
>there is a sequence of clicking and then you hear a voice. Similar accent to that last woman but the voice is higher pitched.
"Aye, Klaus it work?"
"Yeah of course I heard 'em. But we got it? Aight."
>seems she finished talking to "Klaus"
"Yo, Blood said you wanted to chat. S'up? Never been to Glitch, heard she killed a weird six legged croc."


| >>981608
"So yer' saying. Brown Pants-han's got our real interest at heart yeah? Shit, now you really wonder why they never got im' onboard-ya, coulda been a good PR move, ya'd think Sentai would have the uh."

>She starts giggling preemptively, whatever is coming, she thinks it's a riot.

"The--/Nose/ for this kinda /shit/ yeah?"

>She's trying her best to hold in the mounting laughter

"You feel me, yeah?"



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