Armed Convoy seen in Dowtown...

| >Be me
>Just got done walking the robo-dog, as you do.
>Get shoved by some gorrila of a dude in full-armored police gear
>Tells me about some curfew and to ""run along""
>Do so
>Come back home
>Check in the mail
>Notice about the same curfew was in my mail, because it came late

Moral of the story, Fuck postmen, If I'd known I'd brought my Active-camo dog instead smh.

| >>975020
Excuse me, your what now?

| >>975024
>My Active-Camo dog, what's wrong?

| >>975025
I have so many problems, but I'll start simple: WHAT THE FRAG IS AN ACTIVE CAMO DOG???

| >>975037
Uh, it's in the name? It's a dog with active camo?

| Dog hard to see. Dog hide. Dog don't get shot. Genius.

| >>975054
you get it!

| >>975020
Sure, the dog won't get shot, but what about you?

And who are these dudes? Any idea which precinct it was?

Convoys are juicy...


| >>975092
>Implying I don't have a matching camo "dog-walking" kit
smh at this guy.
Was in Jinston, near the main office, what you gonna take these guys on? I'll piss on your grave in your memory.

| >>975094
Sorry mr. Ninja Dog Walker,
I'm off-kelter, not unhinged.

Can't a chummer be curious? Some thermal checks to see what they are carrying.

| >>975150
Psht, you think I wouldn't have said if it was carrying anything cool? See, I was walking my thermal dog too that day, and didn't see Drek!!!

| >>975197
What, is your thermal dog blind? Was it refrigiration, thermal sheilding?

| >>975268
Nah, I meant the trucks were empty! Prolly going to go PICK UP the package ya know? Also, don't call Princess, Blind; her optics cost 2mil.

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