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Search for the Ninth.

| Xw cqn orabc naj xo cqn orabc mjh, cqn Urpqc fjb j bynlt, uxbc jvxwp jw rworwrcn nvycrwnbb.

Rc fjb rwbrpwrorljwc, jwm mxxvnm cx uxbn rcbnuo rw cqn mjatwnbb.

Cqn Mjatwnbb bjf cqrb Urpqc, jwm bjrm, "Rc rb wxc arpqc cqjc Urpqc, jwcr-xarprw, bqxdum bqjan rw xda bxaaxf."

"Unc cqnan kn vjwh urtn rc, bx rc fruu wxc kn uxwnuh rw cqn Kujlt."

Jwm bx, cqn Urpqc fjb bdwmnanm rwcx vjwh- njlq j lxuxa, jurtn kdc dwjurtn, brvruja kdc mroonanwc.

"Oaxv fqnwln cqnan fjb kdc Xwn oxa Juu..."

| "Juu jan oaxv Xwn."

| Hm wonder if this is related to the Spark and Void stuff...

| Someone tell """"CN"""" there's more word salad for him to decypher!!

| On the first era of the first day, the Light was a speck, lost among an infinite emptiness.

It was insignificant, and doomed to lose itself in the darkness.

The Darkness saw this Light, and said, "It is not right that Light, anti-origin, should share in our sorrow."

"Let there be many like it, so it will not be lonely in the Black."

And so, the Light was sundered into many- each a color, alike but unalike, similar but different.

"From whence there was but One for All..."

| "All are from One."

Simple Ceaser cipher.

| >>974757
Also you all can actually try to solve these before I see it you know.

| >>974770
I did for once! I just didn't feel like sharing my homework.

| >>974770
Okay, yeah, but why should we when we have you to do it for us.

| >>974827
I will dox you. -CN

| >>974770
Too busy, soz

| I can do these I just don't wanna.

-Big Neil

| >>975113
Alright do it then. -CN

| Nuh uh I don't wanna.

-Big Neil

| >>975144
How about YOU do it, Fake Geeknerd? Oh, but you can't because you're not the REAL CN!

| >>975195
I... literally did it though? I even said what cipher to use. -CN

| >>975222

| >>975223
duh everybody knows CN stands for tsuChiNoko

| >>975224
Nonononono, you got it wrong. It's obviously Chuck Norris.


| >>975225
>>>tsuChiNoko real; covers that fat snake in his pants

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This thread is permanently archived