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| >"How would you describe yourself and your work?

"Umm...My game work, I would describe as, um...I take mythology and, um...spiritualism, and, um...sort of my, my ideas of storytelling, and how storytelling is the center of human experience. I've always believed that, that the universe is made of stories. That, that we don't see the world directly, we see the world through all these filters you know? And, that - you know - 'Reality is an illusion!' We've all heard this before."

| "And I think I believe that's literally true, that we perceive the world through stories, you know? Um, you know, this new theory they have which I believe is true, that you know - the concept of blue did not exist until like the 4th century BC, you know? Which I find endlessly fascinating! Or that some people are born with 4 rods, or 4 cones, while most people are born with 2, and they can see colors that most people can't see, but because we don't have a name for those colors..."

| "You know - those colors don't exist to them! Or a lot of people, native cultures - not uh - I don't - I forgot what to kind of call it, I don't wanna say native, um...um...but anyway, you know what I'm talking about-"


"-Yeah that's the one. They'll have like, no word for blue, but they'll have like 3 words for green, because in their environment green is really important, and you give them a color wheel with all these different greens - and I've done this test,"

| "...and you know, I can't tell the difference between those greens, I stood there for like 20 minutes trying to figure it out, they spot it immediately, but if you put that blue spot on there I can spot it immediately and they can't see the blue. It literally doesn't exist for them. And so...I think this points how we do live in this story that's created by words, not ours - not only our own story but other people's stories, we live in a civilization built on words."

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