Didn't you see Alice around?

| I mean, she is really amazing, and fascinating g/u/rl she is called Alice and she often was saying about books, and wonderland and she was really nice and nice and nice and *losing breath* it was feel as be in wonderland but.. i didn't saw her anywhere around for a while.. and i really really miss her~ i really hope i can listen about her again..

| You didn't need to announce your crush like that. You're supposed to admired them from afar and not say anything.

| Я не знаю никакой Алисы, но я знаю что ещё открыта возможность приобрести прекрасный гараж (не пиво)

| Куплю пиво (не гараж)

| >>944873 Wait i didn't saw anything about crush you baka! She is just admirable person what i really wish to meet again~ She is very educated, and she seems as that she know anything.. I just felt that she can read me more than me myself.. i really wish to hug her~ But in friendly and very formal way of course! And when you are talking about that, you should have stop have crush in me, you pervert!
>>945088 >>945121 what is that for hieroglyphs?

| >>945153
Obvious crush is obvious.

| >>945512
G/u/rl, this is public declaration of love territory.

| I'm going to Alice

| I saw Elona here

| Please move on Natsumi.

| >>945512 Nooooo! it's not crush, you are crash wtf! you will continue talk like that and i will hit you by car!
>>945513 nooo!
>>945655 no you won't!
>>945704 I didn't saw or play anythink like that!
>>945712 wait! I.. feel i have terrible memory.. but now i feel that i remember~ That flashes, memories, and smell what i have in mind~ move? Where are we going? *move by hairs* *blushing*

| Natsumi? The dead one...? A fake I guess. *sips beer* You don't know shit...*coughs and stumbles to the floor then dies with a note in my hand*
-The letter reads-
|>1. You are to drink till drunk
|>2. Enter the board and confuse target
|>3. Take the pill given by P.
|>4. Walk to the hotel on 2nd street
| You will be paid upon arrival to
| the hotel, we'll be waiting in a
| silver suzuki with blue headlights.
| ~SF
-End of letter-

| >>945831 Whaat? *taking a letter and reading* Ichi.. Ni.. San? Confuse-San, you probably didn't get to step 3 and.. wait.. are you all right? Wait, target? Am i target?!
>>945712 What i should do?! *giving letter*
Ahm.. Maybe i should call police? I don't even know number for police.. fuck.. uhm.. *getting nervous* *starting reading Alice in Wonderland* they tell things about jump in rabbit hole but nothing about what to do when i find dead body.. only about wake up..

| Wait i have it i must to wake up! than all problems will erase! But wait.. i don't want to wake up~
There is someone important for me~ *blushes*
Also.. i don't even remember that i was even sleeping.. what if wake up land is worse than this wonderland? Until will be someone who depends on me.. i feel that even Tomino's hell would be ok as far i would have happy memories and her~ in friendly way of course! Hmm.. But what now? *placing book on ground* *sitting on ground and thinking*

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