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Its snowing.

| Look outside tonight. Its snowing.

| Yay!

| But.. my windows are covered, and.. what if is something dangerous outside?!

| >having windows in your house

| I got foil blankets over my windows but I might take them down just for tonight.

| I remember when my Ma used to grab some that built up from the window to make snow cones

| >>930798 what if she is pedophile or something? Can we trust her? What if- she is waiting for moment when we will check window and than- *BITE* WILL EAT US!! What if she is Hachishakusama? And waiting for moment when we won't be in caution? Now is November, officially is starting Winter in second half of December, did you ever hear about snow in autumn? I think it's bait! *bringing hot chocolate, blanket to bed and let's watch Planetarian together, or we can read VN if you want to~

| >>930857
Girl, I think you should lay off the sims for a while. That stuff rots your brain from the inside out.


| >>930832
Is that safe to eat?

| >>931259
Is anything in this city safe to eat?

| >>931259
chummers alive to tell the fucken tale isnt he??????

| >>931333 i think that sugar from columbia is safe, but little overpriced..

| Snow is a fake of gvrmnt

| it's ash, chummer.

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This thread is permanently archived