| Boot up operations: loading...
Boot up operations: online
Re-connection: loading...
Re-connection: online
Terminal access: loading...
Terminal access: [status granted]
Operator Status: LOGGED
Functionality confirmation status: Functionality 85.5%
Functionality reassessment
Functionality confirmation status: Functionality 98.3%
Functionality Parameters Acceptable

| ...oh dear god no. -B33f



| >>897393
I'm honestly as surprised as you are.
But when the opportunity presents itself.
Who am I to refuse something beautiful.

| What are you? Another beast, here to gnaw on the roots of the World Tree?


| >>897396
Oh, glad to see my absence has left my legacy forgotten. I was a bit too open with my behaviors since the 24 Hour War.
No, I'm not another.
I'm the serpent that gnaws at the roots of the world tree. The great wyrm that saw to the destruction of Eden. The one eyed old man is preoccupied with the Frigg and Freyja but I keep vigilant.
So when an opportunity for taking in all the information this board can provide me. How could I possible refuse such a gift all in exchange for keeping a bit more peace within it from outside influences. I mean I do that already for some in the meat space.
A flash of a pink haired lilim for but a second
How could I refuse a much simpler task.

| Well... OP's a sight for sore cybereyes.

And here I thought us elderly folk were on our way out. -MARJORIE

| >>897399
Ha, not quite yet.

| >>897399
Oh, please.

| >>897397
Really leaning in on the mythology gag of the name huh? -CN

| >>897425
We were feeling nostalgic. You could look back to right before the 24 hour war, it's how we introduced ourselves. Don't be such a sourpuss. Though the irony of who we sit next to now isn't lost on us as we reminisce about old times, the serpent snatching the garden woman in the end.

| Great. Drekking great.

| >>897430
Well excusssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeee me World Tree Eater. It's just fun being in the know every once in a while. -CN

| CN what are you even talking about you're in the know like 90% of the time--


| >>897559
another flash of the pink haired lilim flashes across the matrix interface.
Ahaha. Long time no see you!
Also indeed Baldr, if anyone knows the most about me it would be you. Aside from you know who.

| >>897555 >>897559

To be fair, we haven't been active here in a little while... not since... you know, all that stuff with VeriaTech and Vita Life...


| >>897559
Doesn't feel like it sometimes.
How did I send up being Baldr now? >>897614

| >>897899
>How did I end up being Baldr now?
Because you seem fucking invincible.

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