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| Hello Again, Friends! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

It's me Juusei, here to talk about a recent experience! [REDACTED] sent me and the science team on a corporate retreat... maybe? I couldn't really tell. We were placed in a long corridor covered in locked doors, puzzles, hidden passageways, and computers. We were given very little aside from the fact we had seven days to make our escape. One of the members said it's like an escape room, which I guess is something people do for fun?


There was a commons room with tables, beds, a coffee machine, a vending machine with all kinds of strange sandwiches, and a shared bathroom with a shower (unfortunate, I know!). I knew we were in no danger but the others I could feel were not so convinced... It made progress extremely slow going.

(; ̄Д ̄)

| Anyway, my co-workers were all freaking out, which in turn made me freak out. But... where was it all coming from? One was definitely feeling trapped or claustrophobic, another kept staring at the timer, and the last well; I'm not sure. He never felt comfortable solving puzzles if I was watching, I wonder if it was his pride ... or ego maybe?

| Anywho, After I had a long talk with the first two, we pulled through! The last guy however, kept to himself unless he found something important. I felt more at ease when everyone calmed down and I think they felt the same!

So, friends. I leave you with another question. Do you think anxiety is contagious? If so, is transmission reliant on a singular source? I'm interested to know what you all think!

Until Next Time!

- Juusei

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I think it is to some extent, I mean there's mass hysteria and stuff for a reason right? Feel it happens more often when you're working with limited info. -CN

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uhhhhhhhhhhh dont retreats usu happen at like.........>>>resorts or some shit??????like hate to break it to ya pally but......guys sound less like a lab>>>team,, more like lab>>>rats

what kinda strange sandwiches we talking here tho


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Welcome back, miss Juusei! It's good to hear from you again.

Are you asking if there's a "patient zero" when it comes to the "transmission" of anxiety from person to person?


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Hello CN! Happy to meet you!

I suppose you are correct! Mass hysteria does seem to be a similar situation, but as far as information is concerned... do you not think that the pipeline of information these days could act as a vector of transmission for the disease? We get sick from bad air, bad water, bad food, so why not bad information in this case? It's just as easy to find as bad air these days... I think.

- Juusei

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Astute observation Deadeye!

We were at a resort owned by the corp as it would happen. Just... in the [ESCAPE ROOM]. The pool upon my exit was lovely, at least when I had it to myself! I assure you everyone present was [REDACTED]'s best and brightest plus yours truly!

- Juusei

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Hello again! I more ask if the agent of the disease is the same. Say if fear of failure is a virus, does that same fear spread or is it merely symptoms that manifest?

- Juusei

| Diseases again, this city really needs to implement better sanitary measures... yeah I'm dreamin' if I think it'll happen but still...

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I guess if we're speaking in a metaphorical sense, I suppose. Though I don't think it's so much as 'bad' info as more that our prior experiences might also contribute to things. Like in the case of your escape room situation, it's possible they might have shared their anxiety, or it could had been more fear from past experiences of what they might had seen in movies before, the sense in losing their freedom, etc.

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