[NEWS] What's the Deal, With Kel Varnsen?

| Written by Marion "May" O'Naiz
Kel Varnsen, former Late Night TV Host, has started a comedy blog on Danger/u/ as of recent.

We have asked Mr. Varnsen, what the blog is about, and why start now?
"It's about nothing, really. Just thoughts about the current mundane." He replied. "And retirement is awfully boring."

You can read some of his recent posts about modern tech, conspiracy theories as they come on Danger/u/.

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| A news article about some random persons blog? -CN

| News these days... When are we gonna get the next update on the cultists and razorkids and drek. At least those were halfway interesting. They don't make em like they used to no more, chummers.

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| >>897551
Word, what happened to that one radio host? The super sexy one?
-Big Neil

| >>898172
Yeah he was real cool and he could see ghosts.

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