What's the Deal with Technology?

| I mean, I always feel like we're 2 steps ahead and several years behind.

Like, we created the Lilim. They are some of the most diverse and interesting people I know. Yet we still use key-pads and CRT's.

It LOOKS like 2078, but it feels like the 1990's!

Like I have to memorize a four digit code to enter my apartment, while in the 2030's, you just needed your face scanned. Now it's back to the keypad. What's the DEAL?
- Kel Varnsen

| People love buttons what's not to get?

| There's a bloke from round my hood
Who reject everything to do with science. He just chill at home, smoke his own home grown, and check this... he don't have a tele

| people love not thinking, so yeah...

| Yeah but now you have to get your face scanned *and* type in your password!

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