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[NEWS] Annual Neo-Arizona Open Concludes!

| This past weekend saw the Neo-Arizona Open International Golf Championship make it's return! The top golfers from around the globe once again converged onto what's left of the Grand Canyon for a shot at the title! There was a ten way tie for first place, an unprecedented feat made possible by the amazing athletes in attendance. Some people say corporate interest has ruined sports but me? I just love to see perfect play! You can check out the leaderboard below.

- Tak Uehara

| Leaderboard:

1. Bob Landolt 76 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 65 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 44 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 23 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 04 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 17 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 54 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 33 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 89 Score: -20
1. Bob Landolt 97 Score: -20

- EZBreezy

| wwwwwww aw man landolt 69 strikes out again


| >>889294
"Strikes out"? You've got the wrong sport.


| >>889295

- EZBreezy


| I hope they have the new holo field, the trick shots they can accomplish with the ricochets alone!
- Varnsen

| I miss the old days when you could walk into a caged field and just spend a zen to shoot some buckets, man...

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