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What's the deal with Neo-SF?

| I mean, Neo means New right? So what's Neo about New San Fran? It's still hot, it's just a little more then last year!

I mean, it seems to be the same land. It's like if I turned my shirt inside out and said "This is Neo now!"

Next thing you know, New York is gonna change it's name to Neo New York, then what are we gonna do?

- Kel Varnesen

| Then we just call it NNYC instead.

| Trust me, as a resident of Super New Jersey II Turbo, there's always a dumber name they could pick.

| >>887956
Wait, that's an actual thing? I thought that was a joke for April fools.

| >>887956 I wish. After they put it to a vote and the state was renamed New Jersey II, the board of directors has been 'rereleasing' the state with 'new features' every time they preform a hostile takeover of a neighboring county. I think it's a publicity thing.

| >>888061
Really? That seems excessive. Sure, it's good to change things up politically, but the name is not what I would go for.

It's like "Hey Bob, the homeless population of Super New Jersey II is really increasing, and the homicides are really rising. What should we do?"

"Eh, how about Super New Jersey II Turbo! That'll solve the problem."
- Kel Varnsen

| >>b13984

The government doing everything except actually addressing the problem? Guess Glitch ain't so different after all.

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This thread is permanently archived