So, a question.

| I've been going through some old ass archives and I saw this phrase repeated over and over.

Does anybody knows what they mean when they say 'I want a big tiddy goth gf'?

| She wanted to summon Pomu:
1. Pomu is big
2. Pomu is tiddy
3. Pomu is goat
4. Pomu is Graduated Fυcκer

| Wut

| its an ancient rune spoke by spellcasters of old, do not repeat this phrase in front of a mirror at 3 am or you will die!

| >>886340 Yes! Yes!
I did it!
You will die from cringe!

| Religious historian here. "Goth" is actually an ancient term, from the pre-industrial era. Some texts I've looked over in the past indicate religious architecture from that age as "Gothic". I believe a "goth gf", in this case, would imply they are traditional and devoutly religious.

I have no idea what a 'tiddy' is, though.

| >>886573
Likely a misspelling of "teddy", you know, those bear plushies?
I have no idea what this means for OP though.


| I see, so these so called 'memes' in these archives are something that express their needs for a spouse?

| >>886340

instructions unclear, consumed by A shark.

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