| I'm out shopping rn and the cashier is a cute boy and he's smiling at me

What do I do???

| uhm, talk to him? Keep your meatballs in your pockets g/u/rl. Jeez.

| Have sex and have fun.

| I'm reporting false call to the police.


| >>883223
No no no no but what if he was just being nice and I misinterpretted it???

What if I stumble over my words and embarass myself???

It's gonna be so awkward!!!

| >>883352

omae wa mou awkwardesu

| NANI!?

| >>c452c5
Just talk to him normally :) maybe he is interested. Just start small ask him if he'd like some coffee.

That's how my boyfriend asked me out.
- Sun//Ray

| >>883352
you won't know until you try

| >>883495 >>883478
I-I did it.

He said yes!!! He even gave me his numbers!!! Omg what do I do??? My face was so red!!! I'm so embarassed!!!

| >>883519
what do you mean what do you do?
You call him later, ask him on a date, and then during the course of the night jump his bones and wring him dry.
Thats what straight people do, right?

| >>883560

ah'll have you know that you don't have to be straight to suck someone dry~


| >>883651
I meant straight women, sir dick rider

| >>883659


nah you pegged me i haven't had a good dick in some time.


| gl on date <D

| >>883673
my dude, if you say shit like "you don't have to be straight to suck someone dry", it is not far fetched to assume assume you are some dude who wants to suck some dick... well aside from the thing where there are no men on danger/u/, of course.
It is fine mind you, would be hypocritical of a lesbian to shit talk someone for being gay.

| >>883686

whatchat talking about willis.

| there are no guys on the internet

| >>883560
J-jump on him???? W-wring him dry!? I've never been on dates before, do you do that straight away on the first one?

| >>883737
I mean, some do?
I don't really know what the straights are up to, but from what I know from experience you move in after the third date. Then again, that might just be a lesbian thing lol

| >>883771
M-move in??? Third date!!!???

We haven't even talked beyond me stumbling over my words to ask him out for coffee!!!

| >>883774
Lesbian love is one hell of a drug lol.
All jokes aside, just go out with him and go with the flow. It's not that difficult, you got this sis

| >>883797
O-okay I'll try...

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