There's a spaceship in the flooded district?

| That's a rumor I heard but....its there yeah?

I've been thinking of living out in space with my girlfriend lately. Its getting expensive here.


| Speculations say so, but there's nothing conclusive. Tis said some photos are circling around the Net, and there are even suggestions these are not forged.

But forget living in space. If prices here are like this then spatial apartment must be skyrocketing expensive.


| There could be more than one for all we know.

Good luck trying to get it out though, the entire district's gone tits up.

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Living in space is a meme.
Space doesn't even exist.

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You don't exist.

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YOU don't exist.

| >>883268
I don't exist.


| If mars didn't have so much human slavery and wars between insectoids and raptor reptilians over land disputes under the greater Draco Empire I'd say that'd be a really nice place to live. Who knows, the Sumerians seem to like it there so maybe it is fuego ????

| The sumerians are a myth.

| You are a myth

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YOU are a myth.

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