God, the new ramen flavor tastes so good!

| If you haven't, go try the new synth-oyster ramen, it seriously is the shit.

| instructions unclear, tongue stuck in toaster.

-1/10 would not recommend -M9

| >>882748
Oh oh! That reminds me, try a toaster ramen too, it's so good.

| Why cant ppl eat normal ramen like a normal human being

| >>882748
you dont even come here anymore shut up

| >>883039

no u


| >>882993
Because variety is a spice of life.

| >>34a4c7
And hunger makes for a great spice.

| Toaster ramen? The bizzare imagination of some.


| >>883079
Don't bash it til you try it.

| >>883058
G/u/rl the synth-oyster flavor costs the same as original flavor.

| >>883111
I see history is repeating itself.They say it's the "new" flavor but that just a way to ease you into until it's the default. My Ancestors 100 years ago put their lives on the line to defend their favorite soda against the corporation that wanted to contort it's tradition. The same needs to be done now. RAMEN IS THE SOUL OF GLITCH CITY!!! THE LEGACY MUST PERSEVERE!!!

| >>883111

spoken like a true pleb


| >>883141
Ok Zoomer

| >>883212

ok choomer

| Shrimp ramen honestly isn't that bad.

| >pov: you haven't had tuna ramen

| >>883804
Guys guys guys, hear me out.

Crab ramen.

| >>885672
Stupidest taste I've ever tried.

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