(Setting) Limelight!!☆ Karaoke Bar: Open Mic Night! Part II

| >The small bar in the Neon District has started to become quite crowded!

>The door is wide open, revealing a short flight of stairs into the bar proper and the sound emitting from the stage can be heard from the street outside.

>Two performers now stand on stage with a karaoke droid donning a party hat, with many still waiting to take the stage!

| >>874196

>Nova turns away from the performance for a moment to greet her new patron, giving her a quick once over. Considering the fact a teenager is currently in her bar, she feels the need to clarify.

"Hello there cutie~! Welcome to Limelight! I'd love to get you a drink started right this minute but just to be safe, I gotta ask..."

"You...are old enough to drink... right?"

| >>874196
>Red turns around from the stage as he takes a drink from his glass and sees the girl. He takes one look at the words on the hoodie and almost spit his drink out.

"Nice hoodie."

>He calls out.

| >>874200
>The girl chuckles
"I'm old enough, yeah, no worries. I'm not so brazen that I'd fake my age in front of a cop."
>She eyes the tiny police officer and returns her gaze to the tender
"Though I'm known for occasional mischief."
"Thanks, they're words to live by."
>She passes a hand on the hoodie, it's clearly very old, with small tears in the fabric and discoloured patches near the sleeves, but it's also clearly a cherished possession

| >>874207

>Nova gets started on a Cobalt Velvet, whilst watching the action on stage. She'd love to be showing off for the new guest, but reluctantly her attention is divided at the moment.

"Here you are, darling!"

>She says, tossing her hair soon after passing over the drink.

"But, you never know, I've met plenty of girls with plenty of surprises!"

| >>874207
"I highly doubt she's in a position to charge you. Maybe she'll sober up soon enough though."

>Red says with a chuckle, looking towards the little oni.

"My fiancee just tried giving her a candy bar and she barely responded."

>Red continues. At which point Alix joins in.

"Still took the candy though."

>She quips, before raising a hand to wave.

"Hello! I'm Alix, what's your name?"

| >>874209
>The girl takes the drink and sips on it, sampling it, before responding to Nova
"Hmm, I see. I love a good surprise as well."
>She winks, but due to the deadpan nature of her expression, it ends up looking quite strange
"Hm? Ah, I'm Anri. It's nice to meet you two."
>She takes another sip of her drink with the same dead eyed gaze
"Yeah. That little cop seems a bit plastered, hooe she can make it home at that rate."

| >>874213

>Nova winks back, more naturally than she breathes.

"The pleasure is mine, Anri! I'm the one and only, Nova and this is my lovely establishment! You sure happened upon this place at a good time."

"And... I wouldn't worry about her... she can handle herself I think? if not I'll make sure she makes it home in one piece."

| >>874217
"Seems like I have. Front row seat to a couple's musical number."
>Her face is completely straight as usual, it's impressive how little it moves at all, even when she speaks
"Riajuu should explode, tall and handsome men are the enemy of women, and all that stuff."
>But there is the most faint hint of mischievousness in her monotone voice

| "I waaaaannnt youuuu to want me... I neeeeeed youuuu to need me..."

>Roy croons into the mic, the earlier response from the girls in the crowd giving him just the boost of energy he needs to kick this off properly.

"I'd looooove youuuu to love me...! I'm >>>beeeeegging you, to beg meeee~"

>You'd think Aikawa would be unamused by Roy's theatrics as she watches him sway around the stage, trying to steal hearts with each step-- but, she looks like she's really enjoying herself.

| >>874278
"I want you, to want me... I >>>need >>>youuuu to need me...>>>IIII'd >>>love youuuu, to love me--"

>There's a flurry of motion as both Roy and Aikawa edge backwards a little, and turn towards the chair between them. Each of them throw a foot up on the seat a la "Captain Morgan", and bend forward.

"Shine up the ol' brown shoes..."

Folks in the audience can see Roy shimmy a little as he drags an imaginary rag across the top of his foot.

| >>874213
>Chanka is still focusing on the performance, or well, focusing might be a big word for such a small Oni, its more like her facebis turned towards the general direction of the stage, and they probably are still working, somehow.
"m'not little... Okay I am, what about it??? Huh? W'ats wrong ith bein small..."
>Chanka slurs, trying her best to raise herself from her stupor to face the one who dared call out for what she is, that is to say, a munchkin.

| >>874279
"... Put on a brand new >>>shirrrrt--"

>He follows this with a dramatic lean backwards. Roy hooks a finger over the top of his collar, and with a couple swipes of his thumb undoes the first couple buttons of his top. The look on Aikawa's face tells the audience very clearly that this is... not the move that was rehearsed at home earlier. Surprise!

"I get home early from work, if you say... that you love me~"

| >>874282

> Cassandra's eyes shine like diamonds, amazed by the sights. She might have had drink-goggles on too by this point, but she didn't care.

> Speaking of drinks, she had some more of the one she'd asked for. This was 100% out of what she liked, but there was no use to argue. She'd already drank half of it and her pride was on the line, dammit

| >>874260

>Nova's eyes track to something below the bar out of everyone's sight.

"I dunno it they're my enemy... ANYWAY. We've got plenty more performances after this one too!"


>Nova catches Roy's move out of the corner of her eye whilst talking to Anri. She and Maki both scream in unison.

| >Another person makes their way into the bar, an average figure, their whole body covered in what can only be described as an excentric's attire.
>A long-sleeved black dress with a miniskirt, of a traditional gothic style, with white frills, covered in patches of mismatched colors, all covered in scrawls and nonsensical english phrases
>Upon the waist of this abberation of common fashion sense are layered several tens of belts, all with obnoxiously loud buckles and matching chains.

| >To top off her accoutrement is her haircut, long bangs which almost cover the eyes, all tinted in different pastel hues, accompanied by asymetrical side-bangs, one reaching their waist while the other is cut straight; just above the neckline.
>Piercings shining in dull rose-gold hues adorn her lip, a chain attached to such an oral implement reaches upward to connect to a complex set of interlocking jewlery set on her left ear
>The woman, for she was a woman, heads for the counter.

| >>874291 >>874260

"I'll drink to that Nova. The nice part about being so short though, at least, is that most men seem taller to me than they might actually be. it means i have more chances to win!"

> She seems very happy at this revelation. She just seems very happy in general. It was a good night to be Cassandra, she thought.

| >>874282
>Roy bows back in towards the chair, angling the microphone towards Aikawa-- the two get up in each other's faces, as close as they can without bonking foreheads or tasting metal grill.

"Didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you cryin'?"

>Aikawa turns her face away to chant something at the audience, and Roy holds the mic in the direction of the bar as he encourages whoever's listening to bar to join in with her:

>"(Cry, cry, cry--!)"

| >>874313
"Oooh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you >>>cryin'--"

>... The two of them are grinning at each other like morons. What a couple of dorks...

"Feelin' all alone, without a friend, y'know you feel like dyin'... ohhh, didn't I, didn't I, didn't I see you >>>cryin'?"

| >>874298

>Nova greets the new patron, getting quite crowded in here huh?

"Hello, hello~! Welcome to Limelight, Can I get you something to drink?"


>She giggles covering her mouth. Being small certainly would carry its advantages, she thinks.

"Here, here~! Anything to stack the deck!"


>Nova doesn't miss a beat, hopping on her toes in rhythm with her voice:


>Maki misses the queue entirely, but sits up straight in preparation for another.

| >The new arrival sets her eyes towards the stage, her hands fiting switft purchase on top of her hips, a whistle escapes her.


>She speaks up with an airy tone, tinted by a thick accent of some sort, the 'r' sounds roll upon her tongue, alongside another large piercing.
>She sits at the counter in a lazy manner

| >>874320
>The woman turns her electric pink eyes sligthly to meet those of Nova, before tilting her head to look over her shoulder, her height and posture brings an certain air of self-serving aloofness to this walking sin of good taste

"Ah, I'll have anythin' that won't get me drunk, somethin' that's cold an' refreshing yeah?"

>Her speech is, much like her clothes, a pastiche of many different ennunciations and accents; melded together in a disorderly dance of linguistincs.

| >>874316
>The pair run through the same schtick again-- except (perhaps to some spectator's disappointment), the rest of Roy's shirt stays buttoned. This time around, Aikawa's the one getting the attention: having her seat herself, her husband drops to one knee to pantomime making her flats so shiny he can see his reflection in him, then stands up to straighten her tie. He hoists her up off the chair so they can wrap up the outro together.

| >>874329
"I want you, to want me... I waaaant you, to want me..."

>Aikawa lets her bass hang idly while she holds her hands above her head and claps the off beats, nodding along and looking about the growing audience to encourage them to do the same.

"I waaannnt you to want me... IIIII waaannnt youuuu, to want meeeeee--"

>They finish out the number with a little flourish, and for a brief moment, look at each other in disbelief.

>Did they really just pull that off?

| >>874322

>Nova meets the pink gaze with her equally unusual star-shaped blue irises before scanning the new patron over. The unusual accent... the rolled Rs... could this be her chance to show off what she's learned?

>She gets a tumbler prepared and quickly mixes a Sunshine Cloud, mild just to be safe and slides it across.

"ばわ! I'm Nova! Nova Kuroda! Pleasure to meet you!"

| >Chanka's head smacks into the counter as she raises her hands to clap, failing to keep her balance.
>She still claps though, even with her horns flattened against the bar top, its uncertain whether or not she even caught anything of the performance... but still
"Yaaaaayyy!!! good... song or som"
>She once again rambles, her voice overcome with emotion
>... It's hard to tell /Which/ Emotion that is though, I'd bet on exhaustion.

| >>874332

>Nova cheers loudly, bouncing around like an excited child.

"That was great you two~! Good energy!"

>Bo follows up.

"A solid performance, indeed."

>Maki does the stupid finger whistle and gives a big round of applause.

| >>874333
>The "lady" winks at Nova as she receives her drink


>She answers in a girly tone, before switching to english

"Name's Shima; ya' don't mind me callin' you Kuro-chan do ya?"

>She asks gently, before turning her head once more to the stage and the two performers atop of it, a smile dons her lips as she does
>She claps her hands, rattling her great many bracelets, each a different shade of pastel.

"Great show-ya"

| >>874337

>Nova nods, whilst collecting the tower of empty glasses from Chanka's end of the bar.

"I'll answer to anything, sweetheart~! Nice to meet you Shima."


>Nova stops to look down at Chanka, who has now faceplanted against the bar.

"Oh my my! Seems Chanka's definitely had too much... Are you doing alright, love~?"

| >The front door to the bar opens.
>Stepping forward, a DFC model lilim. Teal hair with a noticeable flower pin that seems to be partially open right now. Then the blue checkered skirt she wears. She smiles and looks around
"Huh, I don't see any open mics, and no open Mikes so not a typo."
>she chuckles to her own joke before heading to the bar proper.

| >>874344

>Nova is stuck biting her lip wondering about what's going on with Chanka but she snaps out of it to greet her new guest.

"Hey, hey! Welcome to Limelight!! Grab a seat wherever!"

| >>874346
>She smiles
and pops on to the nearest seat available
>she looks up
"I was expecting more green."

| >>874342
>Chanka shoots up, saluting
"S'all good! I sure am!! Why are there two of you star lady??"
>She slurrs her words quite a bit, before looking around her
"This isn the precinc...? How?"
>She gets up from her stool and stumbles a bit, heading towards the bathroom while mumbling
"Soo sweepy..."

| >>874347
>noticably as she talks the flower on her head moves a bit, almost a slow spin and is open up a bit more than when she entered

| >>874336
>Roy takes one of Aikawa's hands-- caught up in the wake of their performance and not expecting this, she jumps a little before her gaze darts downward, and back up. Roy jerks his head towards the cheering patrons. Come on-- we have to thank them for their applause!


>Each of them gives a shallow bow. Thanks! Thanks for coming. You've all been great.

"Thank you very much~!"

| >>874350
>Now to pack it up... Aikawa gathers her equipment, and Roy slots the microphone back next to other one that remains at Bo's side. He totters over to the stage edge-- but doesn't go any further. His partner senses his apprehension:

"... How'd y'even manage to get >>>up here, anyway?"

>Roy chuckles, and shakes his head.

"Nerves. >>>Other people out there are lifting cars while all hopped up on endorphins;>>>I'm over here just managing to walk right..."

| >>874357
>The two share a laugh, before Aikawa elbows Roy in the side.

"Want a little help?"

"... Please.

>It's a slow process, but Aikawa manages to assist her husband off the stage without much difficulty-- helping him sit on it's little overhang before stepping down herself and getting him back on his feet.

"... Thank you."

| >Having descending from 'Sunshine Cloud' 9 back to good ol' terra firma, Roy decides to finally address Cassandra's earlier comment about Aikawa's name. He smiles warmly.

"You're right, Cassandra. It doesn't suit her-- but, that's part of her allure-- don't you think?"

>He eyes his wife with a soft expression.

"Great cover; better book. Absolutely amazing when you figure out how to read her."

| >>874348

>Nova prepares a glass of water for Chanka, placing a tiny paper umbrella in the glass.

"You're likely gonna need this for tomorrow, girlie!"

>In addition she snatches a little yellow bottle from a plastic bag and places it neatly in front of Chanka.


>Nova chuckles while spinning a napkin onto the bar in front of the Lillim.

"Nope, nothing green here, never liked that color anyway! Can I get you something to drink?"

| >>874361

>Nova waves the couple back to the bar.

"Such passion~! Such excitement! Looked like you two were having a blast!"

>Maki collects the chair from the stage and places it back at the table she found it, continuing to stay seated near the stage.


>Nova calls out following that.

"It appears the stage is open once again! Whenever you're ready, Cassie!"

| >>874361

> Cassandra goes bright red. What is he talking about? Was it about that comment? What did he think she meant? Her head began to spin and the nervous laughter soon started

"I-i-i see... You would absolutely get along with m-my brother. I'm... I'm just gonna go and sing my song. You two sounded really good too. Thanks"

> Why did you thank him? Girl get your head on. He's probably just mishearing what you said. What *did* you say, anyway? Oh, forget it

| >>874364
>Can I get you something to drink?"
"Well I would assume so."
>she chuckles again
"Kidding, if you do the BTC menu sugar rush would be nice. Anything sweet if you do custom drinks."

| >>874364
>Chanka lumbers back to her stool after a little while and downs the glass of water offered to her, but not before taking out the parasol within
>She murmurs, breathing deeply
>She's trying her best to rein herself back in, to overcome the drunkeness

| >>874370

> Cassandra claps her hands against her cheeks, hoping her cool palms help her face relax. Her posture and breathing change. It looks less like relaxing and more like focusing intensely. She grabs the shaker and exhales, ready.

"Okay so, I just go to Bo and tell him what i want to sing right? Just that easy?"

> Her whole demeanor has changed. A new mask was put on just for this moment

| >>874372

>Nova mixes up the modified Sparkle Star she's been slinging around by pouring the ingredients together over her shoulder. She pushes the glass over to the lilim

"This is a little something I've been playing with tonight. A little more sour, a tad less sweet. Tell me what you think!"


>Nova nods at Cassandra

"Yup! Tell him what you're looking for and he'll cook it up!"

>She strikes a guts pose

"What are you waiting for? Go on up there and give us a treat!"

| >>874375
>the lilim takes the drink, and takes a small sip of it
>she lets out a bit of a shudder and for a second the flower on her head closes to a spike before opening wide and spins
"Whew! that has some kick to it."
>she shakes a bit
"Good all the same!"

| >>874375

> Cass gets up and maintains her balance well, despite her face still being red. She takes the shaker and struts over on stage to Bo

"Hi there, bud. Listen, the song I'm gonna sing is a little weird and a little old so I hope you can find it? Atop a cake? Always? might be spelled weird. Sorry."

> Her fingers are crossed. please have this dumb song available

| >>874392

>Bo's lights cycle for an uncomfortable length of time.

"Would this be what you are looking for?"

>The screen flicks on and lists the song "Cassandra" as the top result, followed by multiple songs by the band "Cake" and a song by "Erasure"

"Atop A Cake by All Vee Vee Ays."

>He says, allowing the title to flow through his text to speech.

| >>874395

"It's... it's not important how it's pronounced, but yeah. That's it. Give me a count in Bo. Let's fuckin' jam"

> She takes a bold stance, holding the microphone like someone who know's what she's doing. She gives the shaker a quick test to make sure its working and nods assuringly to herself when, yep, it's shaking all right

| >>874433

>Bo just makes the four unmistakable doots of a metronome before the music starts.

>Nova is going nuts behind the bar.

"Woo! Let's goooo Cassie~!"


>She turns back to the lilim.

"Great! Glad you like it! What brings you here to Limelight?~"

| >>874436

> The jangly guitar kicks in and Cass is set. Her voice comes out perfectly, the shaker helping her keep time

"I lieeeeee on a sofaaa awake; it's what youuuu said last night. youuu'd like us on top of a cake; but youuuuu won't let me take a biteeee"

> She dances along during the little musical interlude. Despite her heels, she doesn't lose balance or time, her shaker keeping the ghost notes and adding some extra texture to the song

| >Anri has been silent for a bit, seemingly in between her thoughts and the couple musical number, immediately followed by the couple ""flirting"" on stage
>She sighs and turns back to Nova after Cass steps up to the stage
"I'll have another drink, 'Tender. I want something very sour, make my facial muscle do a little work."
>She massages her stiff cheeks as she says that

| >After what feels like hours and might as well just have been minutes Neil finally staggers down from the stage, oblivious to the others that performed as well for that would mean feeling guilty about hogging half the stage.

>And we can't have that now can we? We ignore it and move on

"Tender! Uh.. Nova! Right? Get me a wake-me-up and I'll stop playing blind with the tip jar"
>He took the first seat he could, right by the new arrivals

| >>874436
>The lilim takes another sip of the drink
"Oh I just felt a kind of calling so ended up stopping in, seemed nice enough. Then I saw the open mic. I love watching the shows as a comedian lilim and cheering people on."
>she gives a wide smile, her flower open wide too

| >>874467
>She turns to Neil who just sat down. The flower begins to spin
"Now there's a face I haven't seen in a while."

| >>874213
"I'm Red, nice to meet ya, Anri."

>Red replies, holding out a hand.

"Good job Neil! It wasn't horrible!"

>Alix cheers over the bar as Neil comes down from the stage.
>She didn't pay any attention to him while he was performing, she was more busy enjoying her time with her groom-to-be... and trying to stuff Chanka with sweets.

| >Speaking off...

"Major! Here!"

>Alix called, taking out another nanaimo bar and handing it to her again.

| >>874470
"Of course it wasn't! You're talking with the man who grabs mics for a living"
>He reached for the tip jar and preemptively put its name to use
"Now that-"
>Neil turned his whole body to greet her
"It's a flower I haven't seen spin in a while!"

| >>874472
>nearly knocking over the drink Polly gives a hug to Neil
"Aww, I wish I caught you going up so I could have cheered for ya! Let me buy you a drink okay?"

| >>874472
"I forget that sometimes, because everytime you talk to me I wish you would just stop!"

>Alix says off-handedly.

"Honestly I'm just surprised you didn't starve."

>Red comments as he continues to sip from his drink.

"Sorry, was that too far?"

| >>874473
>He returned the hug briefly but with warmth, or at least as warmth as a hug to a lilim can be
"I won't say no to a free drink, and I promise next stage I climb it'll be dedicated to ya!"
"And you two, ever heard of 'no such thing as halfway crooks'? Don't ask me if it's foo far, take it further! Sink to my level!! I take pride on making a pair of goody two shoes like you snap the way you do, you cute dorks-"

| >>874471
>The Major grunts and simply waves her hand
"More water star lady..."
>She says, whining

| >>874476
>she breaks the hug and gives another smile
"Let me know where it is. Didn't know there were stages dedicated to me."
>from the lilim a rimshot sound plays
>she turns back to the bar with a chuckle
"A drink for my good friend on me!"

| >>874476
"Aw, he called us cute!"

>Alix says with a cheeky smile, throwing her arms around Red from behind.

"and I know I'm a dork. I'm proud of it, thank you very much."

>She continues before giving her fiance an adorable peck on the cheek. Red, for his part, pecked back.

"Incidentally, cute dork is just the way I like her."

>He says.

| >>874442

> Her singing fits the loose nature of the song. She struts and spins, flowing with the lyrics as if she's in a music trivid all her own

"What's it gotta do with >>>Youuuu??? What's it gotta do with>>>Meeeee??? How could I lose>>>Control??? When you're driving from the>>>baaaaccckkkkk seeeaatttt????"

> She's *really* putting some emotions into that delivery.

| >>874478
>Alix seems disappointed, but shrugs as she puts the bar back into her bag.

| >>874479
"That's me, the handsome one!"
>Neil unnecessarily waved at the tender' for some tendin', giggling on his spot from the rimshot delivery

"You guys are adorable, too adorable, like a pile of puppies or make-a-wish kid, I figured you'd act like.. you know, like cool people at this point, now either you don't even drink or no amount of karmotrine can help you

| >>874461

>Nova prepares a Piano Man, rather plainly this time, she's trying to catch up on orders.

"Here you go, Anri! Hope this is what you were looking for!"


>Nova smirks preparing another drink, the circle of lights on the tip jar fill up, like a fair game.

"Here you are Neil! Good stuff up there~! Makes me feel ready to give it a go myself."

>Nova passes a Crevice Spike over to Neil.

| >>874478

>Nova swaps Chanka's water glass out for another glass of water, again sporting a paper umbrella.

"Feel free to go crazy with these!"

| >>874499
>Anri toasts with the glass before downing the drink
>Her face... doesn't so much as twitch
"Yeah, that's what I wanted, been a while since I've felt this much twitching in my face."
>...It's better not to ask, perhaps

| >>874483

> Cassandra continues to groove along, somewhat wishing she had someone on stage with her to at least share in the energy of performing

"Corners begin to repeat, I think we're getting looooost. We walked to the edge of the street but weeeee were bitten by the frost!"

> How can such a short girl have so much energy?

"So if you have to thaw me >>>ouuuutttttttt, you can put me in a>>>paillllll. Can we take another>>>routteeeee? I don't wanna wear a>>>vaillllllll"

| >>874486
"Hey now, I'm offended. I pride myself in out-cuting the hell out of Red. Don't lump us together."

>Alix says with a very obviously feigned frown before she took a drink from her glass.

"Plus, he's like a tamed wolf. I like him a little wild."

>She continues coyly, tousling her partner's hair.

| >>874499
"I'd love to see you up there doll, let me tell you something: between you and me? this place's earned a rightful recognition at this old thing everyone calls 'Radio'"
>What followed this statement was an attempted wink, which ended up looking more like a sorta disoriented twitch from a sorta disoriented Neil

| >>874548
"Man I'm so glad you mention it cause- you know how sometimes it's rude to ask, right? But you do seemed the type to be into.. You know, wild and furry, specially furry. This way my mind is at ease without having to make it all awkward for all of us by asking"

>He was definetly-probably-perhaps-maybe messing with you, not like it was always easy to tell

| >>874506

>Nova's finding Cassie's energy contagious, she's bouncing around on her heels. Maki is watching the performance closely on the edge of her seat.


>Nova clasps her hands together and brings them up to her cheek.

"Aww that'd be very sweet of you! I'm happy for this little place to get any kind of publicity!"

"You'll get your chance! I've been waiting to let this song loose! I need to perform it, and the kid needs to hear it."

>She says, gesturing towards Maki.

| >>875238
>The word radio ellicts a response from the walking fashion murderer who introduced herself as Shima

"Oh? You meaning to tell me the radio' still around? I thought time made quick work of that piece o' history"

>She smiles sweetly, her eyes half-closed, giving her quite a foxy expression.

"Ya' have to tell me more yeah? I'd lo~ve to hear ya'"

>She leans towards Nova, keeping her quartz colored eyes on Neil

"Kuro-chan, I'll have somethin' classy next yeah?"

| >>875239
"Well, she's not that kind of wild, but you'd be surprised about some of what she's into in bed."

>Red says, as Alix shuffles nervously behind him.

"Like, she does like what you'd expect. Wholesome adorable kind of stuff, but there's also some other-"

>At which point Alix cuts in, her face starting to color.

"Yep, that's enough. Let's change the subject. Uh, what kind of desserts do you like? Cakes? Pies? Ice Cream?"

| "You know, Alix loves pies, one kind in particular-"

>Red starts with a teasing tone, a cheeky look on his face as she turns to look at Alix.

"Red, if you say it, you're sleeping on the couch tonight."

>She threatened. Red immediately swallow his words.

"Blueberry pies! She loves those."

>Alix smiles, satisfied.

"I love the one with the cream myself."

>Red adds with a wink before she could say anything else, which earns him a punch.

"I hate you sometimes..."

| >>875244
"Right now I got written down the location, the looks and the aesthetic altogether, all that's left to review is that charming voice up there charming up the place rather than just the drinkers"
>Worth mentioning that he pointed at his own head when the words "written down" came out of his mouth

| >>875486

>This came out with the same tone a person about the recite the entire "I have a dream" speech would have

"Where do I even start? Do you know 'Video killed the radio star'? Well we Frankenstein'd the the hell out of it, the amount of things you can get away with when you don't care about licenses or laws is *insane* and don't even get me started on-"

>On all his narcissistic glory Neil did what he does best, talking nonstop while enjoying every word out of it

| >>875244

> With the bridge, she holds a pose in the center of the stage like a bride-to be, nervous and unsure of what she's even doing, all in character

"I'll wait in the lobby for someone to >>>showwwww and if they don't come, I will know where to>>>goooooooo. The bodies are lined up outside in the>>>halllllll. I don't want to decay in a>>>MALLLLL"

>> if everything you say is true
>> then why would I disagree?
>> how could i lose control?

| >>874336 >>874370
>Roy and Aikawa gratefully accept Bo's approval and Nova's compliments, and both of them seat themselves back at the bar, eyes bright with renewed vigor. Aikawa grabs her Sugar Rush and attacks it with zeal-- she needs something to calm those stage shakes down with, now.

"Oh, we were! This is the most fun we've had in quite some time, Nova."

>Aikawa swallows and kind of gasps for breath for a moment, before she elaborates:

"Don't get out a lot."

| >>875923
>One has to wonder why: the way the two of them were performing, it seems like they know how to live it up-- and that they /like/ to-- is it work that gets in the way...?

"... Walker."

>Aikawa nudges Roy, now wearing a guarded expression. She's caught sight of something she doesn't like.


>Some/one/ she doesn't like. She reaches for the back of her neck once more, but is considerably more subtle in offering her husband one of her cables, again.


| >>875924
>She mumbles something to Nova before Roy connects, and she falls silent:

"... Sorry t'do this again."

"What's the matter?"

"'Member how y'said that thing 'bout people knowin' us 'fore they meet us?"


"... Spoke't inta existence. Look. Don't turn your head."

>Roy's eyes follow Aikawa's as she glances casually at both Anri and Shima. She has another sip of her drink before turning her gaze to the counter.

| >>875925

"... I recognize Anri. Who's the other one?"


"... Hougetsu? But she's--"

"Not *'Getsu*, *Hou*getsu. Person Grant named the kid after. His boss."

"Can... can she... can she hear--"

"Dunno. Could when I met'er, but that was over the 'net. Keeps th'other pair'a ears deaf, though."

"... What do you want to do?"

>Aikawa sets her now empty glass down on the bartop.

| >>875927
"... Nova, whatsa thing y'made for Walker? Drinkin' it when I showed up-- that one."

>Keeping up two conversations at once is hard-- she's out of practice. But, if it keeps things looking a little more natural...

"... Nothin'. Tired'a fuckin' bein' on the run."

"... What about Ezekiel?"

"Knows where we are. Non-issue. Just take it easy."

"Ah, it was... a Sparkle Star with... something else in it, right...?"

| >>875928
"... Alright. I trust you."

>Roy unjacks covertly, and the pair turn to get a glimpse of Cassandra's performance.

"... Girl's pretty inta it."

"She sure is."

>Roy cups his hands around his mouth and shouts:

"Sing it, Cassandra!!"

| >>875929

> She pulls a new pose, bending over with the mic so far forward and low that it looks like she's about to take a dive. Her stance stays rock stable, her face determined


>>>when you're driving from the back seat

> She seems out of breath by the last line, but glowing from joy

| >>875660
"Oh ho ho guys, guys"

>Neil's interest peaked, as he downed around half of his glass at their not-so-subtle indirects

"You're talking with the king of desserts here! Fact is, and this is strictly between us but- BUT, if you so happen to search 'father Michael's son NSF scandal' on the internet you might get a high definition tape of my own recipe, though a bit sloppy since I was just 19.."

>Neil got lost for a few seconds, gazing into his drink as if it was the void

| "*Anyway* it's customary to exchange recipes, you know? I don't mind dropping you my e-mail for when you guys decide to send me a video, personally I'm a fan of POV but I won't get in the way of creative liberty, do what your heart tells you"

| >In the midst of the music and merrymaking, a willowy young woman appears in the doorway. The asymmetry of her figure is jarring when masked by the shadows of the dim bar lighting. Where the lower half of her right arm should be, there is only the evening air. An eyepatch covers the left side of her face, keeping secret the empty socket beneath. Her color borders on ghostly.

>She tucks a long lock of strawberry blonde hair behind her ear and walks down the stairs.

| >>875944
>The young woman searches out an empty spot at the bar and sits down quietly. She observes the goings on around her with a pleasant look on her face. This place has a light and happy atmosphere.

>She peruses the bar menu and wonders to herself if these drinks are 'standard fare'. She wouldn't know.

| >>875486

>Nova prepares another tumbler, spinning it around in her hand once again and passes Shima a Brandtini.

"Here you go~! Classiest I can manage!"


>She claps her hands excitedly and starts to shimmy around.

"I'll have to tune in then! Been awhile since anyone's talked about me on the news~!"

| >>875928

>Nova shows the biggest smile she's had all night, needless to say she's positively elated.

"I'm so happy to hear that~! No funner place on this planet than under the lights!"

>Nova nods in affirmation in relation to the question.

"Mmhmm! A Sparkle Star with just a *little* powdered delta. Props to your man here for the inspiration!"

>She winks.

| >>875944

>Nova stands on her toes and waves in the new guest.

"Hellooo~ cutie! Welcome welcome! What can I get you?~"

| >>875957
"Well, I... can't >>>really take credit for it's invention, miss Nova-- your skills in improvisation were what brought it to life."

>Roy winks back, wearing an easygoing grin. Something about Nova's warm, friendly presence is very refreshing.

"Gotta name for't? S'yours now, after all."

>Aikawa waits expectantly, sure that the 'tender will cook up something catchy. A "Supernova", maybe-- or is that too on-the-nose...?

| >>875958
>The girl begins to raise her stump of an arm to wave back. She notices her mistake, returns it to her side and flutters dainty, tapered fingers in greeting instead.

"Thank you, Ms. Bartender."

>She speaks in a polite and reserved manner. The girl brushes the veil of hair framing her face aside to better see Nova. She can't be more than 17. Her one grey eye roams over the tenders features.

"Do you serve melon cream soda here, by any chance? I'm not old enough to drink."

| >>875961

>Nova bites her lip as her eyes wander around the room.


"Supernova is an easy choice!"

>She stays staring off into space for a moment.

"But! That just sounds like a comic book starring yours truly!~"

>Her fist makes contact with an open palm, making an audible smack.

"I'm gonna go with Stardrop!~"

| >>875962

>Nova opens up her fridge covered in pictures and clippings and after sifting through groceries, beer, and chuhai; pulls out a tall green can and passes it over.

"I appreciate your honesty sweetheart!~ Been getting a lot of young ones in here tonight."

>Her eyes scan across Chanka, Maki, Cassandra, and Anri. She playfully bonks her head with one knuckle.

"Or at least people that look that way!~"

| >>875966
>The girl goes to grab the can of soda from Nova but seems to miss several times before she actually manages to get a hold of it. She handles it gingerly and only grasps it by her gloved fingertips as she lowers it to the counter. Opening it is a struggle but she miraculously manages to do so without tipping it over.

"It benefits neither of us if I'm not honest with you."

>The girl's gaze follows Nova's.

"Is it not common for you to host younger guests?"

| >>875965
>Aikawa smirks, both amused and satisfied. The existence of this bar is proof alone that Nova isn't the one to go the easy or obvious route. Nice job sticking to your guns, 'tender.

"Wiz. Cann'a get one'a those?"

>She eyes the tip jar, making a mental note of it's location for later.

"... Gotta couple questions, too."

| >>875942
"God I hate both of you. So much."

>Alix says as she facepalms and punches Red on the gut. Red grunts in reply.

"Yeah I deserved that."

>Alix takes a deep breath and looks up at Neil with a devious smile.

"Who knows, maybe I'll send you a *written* recipe I have in storage."

>She says.

"Oh, why don't we send him the extended canadian-french recipe?"

>Red adds, which makes Alix's eyes light up.

"Oh sweetheart, you're a genius!"

>She says, giving him a kiss.

| >>875986

>Nova begins polishing off a glass and shrugs.

"Eh. Not exactly my core audience, but I'd say I see them a fair bit!"

>She places the glass down on her end of the bar and starts reaching for supplies and ingredients.

"But this time of night? I'd consider it a pleasant surprise~!"

| >>875987

>Nova takes the collected supplies and puts on a show, tossing a bottle behind her back to over her shoulder and catching it before pouring in the final ingredient.

>She takes a sigh of relief and slides the drink over to Aikawa.

"Newly minted; Stardrop~! Special for you Aika-chan!"

>She cocks her head to the side.

"Questions huh? Sounds fun! Lay it on me!"

>She springs back up with a grin.

| >Anri has been simply enjoying her drink until now, without a word
>She looks around at all the guests once agaib, her gaze pauses on the two lovebirds that got off stage for a second, but quickly moves on
"Tender, how about another drink, something spicy this time, ah, but not too spicy, alright?"
>She stares at Nova, and performs the most deadpan wink ever
"My throat's kinda weak these days, after all... and if I want to sing, I can't just ruin it."

| >>875989
>The girl leans in and takes a sip from her soda. Her hair spills over her shoulders and onto the counter in colorful rivulets. A little smudge of lipstick is left on the cool metal edge of the can as she pulls away.

"Your 'audience'..."

>The grey-eyed girl looks to the stage.

"Do you usually hold events here? There are so many people... the noise I could hear from the street was much louder than before."

| >>875990

>Aikawa admires the fruits of Nova's careful craftsmanship, then eagerly samples them once she finishes trying to deconstruct one of those 'tender tricks in her mind's eye. The woman's got this down enough that it's hard to tell where one motion starts and another stops. That filthy carpet's gotta be worth it for her to be pulling /this/ shit off.

"... Walker said y'had'm playin' love doctor. Whatsa matter?"

| >>875987

> Cass finishes her song and gives Bo a pat on the head. She's not sure if she's supposed to, but it feels appropriate. She then takes her seat once more near Roy, the embarrassment of earlier peeking into the bar from the edge of the room

"Y-you two sounded really good up there. I forgot t-that doing stuff like that can be fun."

> Her hands twitch once more as she fumbles with the glass. Once more, she drains it without a second thought, but the shakes persist

| >>875991

>Nova quickly prepares a Marsblast, and passes it over.

"Ohh~! You're planning on performing too, Anri?! This'll be fun!"


>She smiles and sticks her nose up to the air.

"The whole world's my audience! Just... even more so if you can drink."

"This is the first special event I've ran here! I thought it might be fun to mix things up a little."

| >>875995
"Thanks, Cassandra-- you put on quite a show, as well."

>Roy smiles, as does his wife.

"Yeah! Really feelin' it up there-- sang it with your chest. Tight."

>Aikawa clenches a fist triumphantly, celebrating Cassandra's victory as if it was tied with one of her own.

"... Was fun, wasn't it?"

>And, it was last time, too-- it just took you a while to admit that to yourself, right?

| >>875994

>Nova blushes and curls into herself.

"Y-you know... It's just kinda hard out there and I got to thinking that maybe... he could pair me up with a cute doctor, with an air of danger... and a great smile... and broad shoulders... and-and..."

>She's going on and on, hugging herself.

| >>875996
"If you don't mind my flat delivery, yeah."
>She takes the drink and samples it
"Hmmm... this stuff's good."
>She looks to Nova once more
"Tender, want to see something fun?"

| >>875995

>Bo sits silently for a moment, in whatever counts for disbelief for a robot with barely any agency.

"Okay then."

>Maki speaks to Bo up on stage.

"I thought it was pretty fun at least, gotta give it to her!"

>Nova greets Cassandra back at the bar with a round of applause.

"Great job Cassie~! You really went after it!"

>She grabs a bicep and pumps her fist.

| >>875999

"Yeah, it was pretty tight. I haven't gotten to sing since I left La Lune and so.. it was fun. Cheers for a good performance! Hopefully I'll get to see you two perform again soon"

> She holds up her mostly empty glass, hoping that they'd both follow suit

"Maybe I'll even bring a friend or two along"

| >>876004

"Thank you thank you!! The Old Man would be happy to see me actually singing for once without his help! Also also Nova, could I pretty please get a beer???? Pleaseeeee~~"

> She still keeps her empty glass held high, her face doing its best to look like a young girl asking for a puppy on her birthday

| >>876000
">>>You're havin' issues hookin' up?>>>You?!"

>The woman's an ex-idol-- sure, she dropped the title, but she kept all the charisma, the figure, the fashion--

"Slim pickin's. Gotta be it. Findin' a guy in Glitch's like... 's'like..."

>Aikawa strokes her chin thoughtfully. When she can't come up with an apt simile immediately, Roy decides to... 'help out'.

"... Men in this city are apparently scarce as hen's teeth."

"... What? Fuck's >>>that mean?"

| >>876003

>Nova claps her hands and nods with a smile.

"Do I ever?!~"


>She happily prepares a beer, but makes it a double for Cassandra, if she wants it so bad.

"So polite~! So I went in double for it! After-all, it's something to celebrate your fantastic performance!"

"And... I wouldn't worry about Bo, he's kinda...something."

| >>875996
"The >>>whole >>>world..."

>The girl finds herself marveling at the plucky bartender's ambition. She brings her hand to her mouth in quiet awe.


>When Cassandra's performance concludes, the girl finds herself at a loss for what to do. Clapping is obviously not an option. Nor is banging on the counter. Stomping her feet seems uncivilized and disruptive... She decides to cheer, instead.

"G-good job, Miss Little-Black-Dress!!"

>She waves at Cass wildly.

| >>876008

>Nova scratches the back of her head.

"Y-yeah! What little chances I seem to get, never work out for long... Makes me wonder if it's something to do with me..."

>She sits thinking for a moment and then smiles.

"but... probably not!"

>She giggles with her hand over her mouth at Roy's expression.

"I'd bet you I can find a hen with teeth somewhere in this city and quicker than my other target too~!"

| >>876010
>Anri nods a few times and then presents her face to Nova
"My skin happens to be very cool and pleasant to the touch according to an acquaintance of mine. She called touching it 'absurdly stretchy and relaxing'."
>She looks at you straight in the eyes
"My sense of touch is very dull, so I can't test it for myself, you see. But she always grabs my face and plays with it for an hour with a dumb look of ecstasy on her face."

| >>876013

>Nova's eyes widen, but it's hard to tell if it's out of shock, or genuine interest.

"I-is that so?"

>She pokes Anri on the cheek and swiftly recoils her hand.

"It certainly feels like something~!"

| >>876010

"Thanks girl~~"

> She smiles warmly at the thought of a big beer


> Cass waves back. She looks down at her dress and figures that in the lighting, the darker red *could* look like it was black. She seemed sweet, if excitable. Why did she feel a sense of deja vu? She hopes her voice will carry, but yelling isn't an option with her dried out throat

"Thanks! It's actually like, not black, but yeah"

| >>876014
>Her skin is indeed quite cold, colder than one could expect, it feels like touching a cold and stretchy piece of pudding
"Does it? I'm always told my body's very cool, but it's not like I actually notice."
>It definitely felt nice to the touch, very cool and refreshing

| >>875955
"Happens when you stay on the low blow, say, what's the name of the group or band or whatever you sang with before dedicating to your own bar? Your name does ring a few bells but not enough for me to remember"

| >>875988
"Oh great, *another* book, my favorite kind of gift you guys just know me so well!"
>the sarcasm on his voice rose at the same speed his interest plummeted

| >>876107
>Alix simply does a high-five with Red after she was finished with the kiss.

"You did tell me to do what my heart tells me."

>She says, turning to Neil. Her smile taking a nonchalant turn.

"I'm a writer, what did you expect?"

| >>876011

>Nova laughs at the girl's reaction.

"Well, that should be true for everyone sweetheart~! The whole world's a stage!"


>Nova draws her finger away, unsure of what to think of it.

"It's... definitely interesting! I'll give you that much Anri!~"

>Why is she so cold? It doesn't feel natural.

| >>876105

>Nova pulls a clipping off of her fridge and places it in front of Neil.

"Star☆Wish! Idol group of five."

>She points out each member in the picture on the clipping, each of them sporting the same star shaped irises Nova has.

"Kana, Hikaru, Mariko, Yours truly~ and..."

>She points to a figure in the center of the image, a girl clearly meant to be the focal point.

"Jun Hachisuka. You probably know of her, She's... the only one of us to keep a successful solo career."

| >>875966
>Chanka splendidly kicks up at the mention of the word 'young', her back straightens like an Iron bar.
>She starts to stammer angrily
"I-I'm not youn'!! No matter how you look at it I'm a perfectly fine adult!!!"
>She hiccups and after delivering her speech, loses all of her tencile strength, melting back into goo as she slumps into the counter once more, mumbling and sipping her glass of water

| >>876016
"O-oh! Oh, no..."

>The girl's cheeks bloom with color, skin showing it's first real sign of life this evening. How embarrassing... She fidgets nervously.

"I-I'm sorry, let me..."

>She looks back and forth hurriedly between Cassandra, and her hand. After another moment's hesitation, she takes in her teeth the middle fingertip of her glove, baring her palm with a tilt of her neck. She curls her hand into a fist, and holds it's back over her eyepatch.

| >>876141
>Slowly, her fingers unfurl to reveal an eye in the center of her palm, made to match the one that remains in her head. It blinks and squints in unison with it's twin.

"Oh... oh, yes! I see!! That shade of maroon suits you very well!"

>Are you sure that's right?

"Burgundy? Oh, wine!! It's wine, right?"

>The girl struggles to give the hue a fitting name. Wine seems appropriate given the setting, but that seems too convenient...

| >>876012
"... You >>>understood'm?"

>Aikawa gawks at Nova as she seems to make sense of Roy's ancient idiom. /Where/ does he get this shit from? His mother has a tendency to use an odd turn of phrase here and there, but nothing bizarre as /this/.

"It just means 'difficult to find', Ei."

"Only '変' 'm findin' >>>here'sa way y'>>>talk."

>That... joke doesn't translate particularly well into English, Aikawa. Even so, she seems satisfied with her little play on words.

| >>876149 >>876005
>Having caught Cassandra's attempt to toast, Aikawa reaches across Roy to clink the edge of her glass against Cass' beer-- and nearly drops her drink as she sees the pale girl across the bar reveal one of the strangest body modifications she's ever seen in her entire life.

"... Kiddin'. Found one right there... shit!"

>Aikawa does her best to keep from wincing, or pulling a grimace-- she also tries not to stare, but it's difficult.

"'Ma was here..."

| >>876113
>Anri just tilts her head
>She seems puzzled by your lukewarm reaction, but doesn't say anything else as she sips her drink
>Well, as puzzled as her deadpan face allows her to look, anyway

| >>876149

>Nova giggles as she does a quick check at the audio panels.

"Well, 'understanding' is a bit strong! It's just when I start imagining a hen with teeth I can't help but laugh!"

"That and uh... an unfortunate date I went on once was full of strange turns of phrases... it's the only thing I remember from the whole ordeal... aside from the dollar menu."

| >>875927
>Shima turns her eyes towards Roy and Aikawa after bearing witness to Neil's lenghty speech, her mouth morphing into a wide grin, she slowly waves her hand to Aikawa in particular, murmuring a small 'ども~'
>She receives her Brandtini graciously.

"Thank-ya Kuro-chan, Those are some good drinks, keep pourin' me these and I might forget how rude it is for Ei to not even say hi to little ol' me"

>Shima laughs, tipping her glass

| >>876141

>Maki rises from her seat near the stage and makes her way over to the girl with one arm near the bar and sits adjacent.

"Kuroda-san, Could I have another drink please?"

>Maki sits looking at the eyepatched girl next to her, 'Kuroda-san is so good at making friends, maybe... I should'

>She fixes her big round glasses, pays attention to whatever arm the girl is missing, and offers up a handshake with the proper hand.

"My name's Haitani, Haitani Maki! What's yours?"

| >>876261
>The girl flinches and recoils slightly as Maki eagerly reaches out a hand-- her fingers abruptly snap shut around the eye centered in her palm, as if on reflex. It's as if she's afraid Maki might pluck it from this unconventional orbit, it's precious place. Her voice wavers:

"I... I am Migi-- I'm called Migi."

>Reluctantly, she lowers her hand from her face, and reaches for Maki's. Her grip is limp: it's the dreaded "dead fish" handshake.

"It's nice to meet you, Maki."

| >>876218
>A sharp bark of laughter erupts from Aikawa as Nova tells her tale-- the more she tacks on, the worse it gets! The poor 'tender really lucked out with this guy... Aikawa quiets her cackle to a chuckle and shrugs, reaching across the bartop to pat Nova on the shoulder.

"... S'not's bad as y'think, Kuroda-han. Least he took ya >>>out--"

>She side eyes her husband with a sly grin.

"Walker here tried t'win my heart with his >>>leftovers."

| >>876240
>Aikawa overhears her name drop from Shima's lips... the hair on the back of her neck stands on end. Is it really her? She raises a hesitant hand in response.

"ほんまごめん... didn't, uh... know what'd happen if I spoke to ya."

>No use lying to someone who can easily tell when you're being deceptive. Aikawa sticks to giving Shima straight answers.

"Never know if... stuff >>>there's'a same as stuff>>>here."

| >>876274

>Maki accepts the handshake with both hands and does a quick enthusiastic bow.

"Migimigimigi! It's awfully fun to say! Saw you over here drinking a soda, so I figured we could get to know each other. Y'know, the two youngest flowers in the room!"

"Statistically we have more potential than the rest of this room combined!"

>She pushes her glasses up again.

"So, Consider this a stroke of good luck! I'm starting to feel that way myself."

| >Anri seems to have finally gotten over her confusion and has finished her drink
"Hm, sorry if I spooked you Tender. I thought it amusing but I guess I was mislead. I'm bad at the whole funny deal, I guess."
>She ponders for a moment, and then sighs again
"Emotions are really hard to convey with a constitution like mine. My body's stiff all over and I look terrible without makeup and thourough skin care. It's a... rare disease you could say. The kind doctors are powerless against."

| >>876240

>Nova laughs uncomfortably, what history does she have with Aika-chan? Customer service, Nova! Customer service!

"For sure, so long as you keep paying, I'll keep em' coming!~"


>Nova passes another virgin Stardrop to Maki.

"Maki, huh? You starting to feel a little better there, girlie?"

>Maki nods, and grunts in the affirmative.

"I think I understand what you're getting at Kuroda-sensei."

>Sensei? Since *when*?

| >>876275

>Nova's eyes sparkle as she replies.

"It sounds very plain, but really when you think about it sharing leftovers is rather... intimate, don't you think?~"

>She waves her hand.

"And not to make this a competition but I doubt Roy here brought his mom with him too!~"


>Nova puts on act determined to not make the stretchy cold girl upset.

"Haha, no I'm glad you shared it with me! All of us ladies have our own charms, after all!"

| >>876281
"Is that so? You're quite charming yourself, tender?"
>She tilts her head in apparent lack of comprehension
>But she soon nods, as if finally understanding something
"Your eyes in particular, I love them, they're very pretty."
>She sighs
"My looks are kind of bad and my hair is dirty... so I'm a bit envious... but apparently that can be charming too?"

| >>876143

> Cassandra’s eyes narrow. She notices the eye but acts like she doesn’t. Her act isn’t very good, as her attention is so pulled to it, she doesn’t even really understand what the girl said

“Oh yeah, totally!”


> She enthusiastically finishes the cheer and starts on her beer, dramatically sighing in relief as soon as she’s had a decent swig

| >>876277
>Migi yelps in surprise as Maki shakes her hand with enough ferocity that she fears (for a moment, anyway) he remaining arm will tear clean off! Fortunately she's only able to entertain this thought briefly before Maki starts chattering away-- her focus shifts to deciphering the girl's excited babble.

"Y-yes... um, your name is... fun, too, miss Maki!"

>That's the polite thing to say, right? Find a way to make it work, Migi...

| >>876337
>She bounces up and down in her chair as she chants softly:

"Ma-ki, Ma-ki..."

>Despite having only one hand to clap with, both arms move as if she has two. It's kind of a funny sight.

"... >>>Are we the youngest?"

>Migi looks towards Chanka, and Anri. Surely you shouldn't judge someone's age by their stature or choice of dress, but it's hard not to when you have nothing else to go on...

>What does she mean by potential? Potential for what? Or, is it in general?

| >>876338

>Maki lets it get to her head a bit.

"Ahh Yessir, that's how the people will be calling my name, once I make it big. Believe that!"

>Oh shit, there's that ego again. What was she supposed to be learning today? Oh yeah, that's right!

"A-anyway, yeah! Everyone else here is *blatantly* liquored up, drunk, plastered, and I trust Kuroda-sensei's judgment enough to know, nobody else is underage..."

"Except for us Migi! We've got our whole lives ahead of us!"

| >>876338

>Maki won't shut up, words keep spilling out her mouth in a stream of consciousness, but there's no venom in her words.

"Like an RPG, A video game, We're freelancers-- Not yet to be cast into what the future holds. This is a type of agency you can't buy with money! The skies the limit, Migi! That's what I'm talking about."

| >>876338
>Chanka looks just about 10 years old, but her demeanor as she melts into the woodgrain, sipping her water like she's about to faint is oddly... Old-timey, she looks like a drunkard old man more than a child, despite her pudgy cheeks and youthful features
>She mumbles some more, sighing deeply, as if doing so will rouse her to a clearer consciousness
>It doesn't. She's still drunk.
"It's too hot...! I'm hot!!"
>She screams out, lazily turning her head towards Nova



| >>876476
>Anri spins to face the small cop
"Too warm, is it? How about a hug? I guarantee my coolness if nothing else."
>She seems almost proud of it

| >>876281
>Aikawa snorts, and mutters from the side of her mouth:

"Sure he wishes he >>>did."


>Roy's voice rises an octave in mock offense, and promptly shatters on impact as it hits an invisible wall. He has a fairly high tolerance rubbing on most days, but perhaps his lowered tolerance for liquor is making him more susceptible to banter, now. A little peeved, he crosses his arms across his chest, and huffs loudly.

| >>876885
"high tolerance for ribbing"; excuse me

| >>876823
"... My mother isn't one to invade other people's privacy-- even if she'd been >>>invited to join us, I>>>doubt she would've>>>accepted."

>Roy shakes his head indignantly, clearing his bangs from his face.


>He pauses, then says with an air of confidence:

"... It >>>worked, though, didn't it?"

>Aikawa doesn't answer-- rather, she raises an eyebrow, and gives Roy a knowing look. How many times have you told this story? We all know how it ends.

| >>876823
>Chanka gives Anri a hug, slithering out of her stuffy patrol coat as she does
>She exhales loudly
"Woah... so cool..."
>Chanka starts rubbing her cheeks against Anri...
>She's heavy, and exceedingly hot

| >>876891

> Cass takes a big swig of her beer and sighs with satisfaction. Her cheeks are rosy once more it seems

"It sounds like someone really really *really* wants to win an argument. I thought doctors were supposed to "do no harm"

> She does exaggerated air quotes and giggles to herself over her joke. Maybe she doesn't know what they're talking about though

| >>877190
>Anri just accepts the hug, the heat of Chanka doesn't feel unpleasant to the very cold Anri
>She hesitates for a moment and then starts patting her head
"Am I? I hope it helps."

| >>876476

>Nova bites her lip and makes an audible hum as her eyes scan around the room.

"I don't have a coat rack but if you're fine with just draping your jacket over one of the chairs we're not using, feel free to!~"


>Nova breaks up the banter with an exclamation.

"GOD, you guys are cute~ You're gonna make me jealous!"

>She holds up a finger and appears to side with Roy.

"You can question the man's methods but never his results!~"

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