| I am so TIRED of the Cyber gnomes in this city! Every time I see one in public and try to point it out, everyone looks at me like I'm a schizo. I SWEAR that they're real! Lately, I've been hearing them try to break into my apartment. I hear their little smirks and giggles and them scratching at my walls and ceiling. But you know what? LET THEM COME. I've got an illegal antique Uzi just DYING to eat. FUCK YOU CYBER GNOMES !!!!!!!!!
Anyone else have problems with cyber gnomes lately?

| I... can't say I've had problems with them before, no-- but, I'm also not from around here, so maybe I'm not familiar?

What do they look like?


| Bro try seeing a therapist.

| you're describing cats with extra flavor there

| I thought I was the only one. Those damn things have been pickpocketing people with their snickers. I don't think an Uzi'll help tho. For 175,000 000 I can send in some "friends" to deal with them

| Have you tried schizo pills?

| >>062f3b
Yeah I think that may have been the problem. Feeling much better now.

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