| It can feel bleak around here some times. Recent calm from hard events though, so in this kind of calm I would like to say.
I hope all of you feel loved, and that you matter. Life is hard especially here and it can feel like the only way to let it feel like something is through violence. However hopefully we can all feel a hope and love that brings us up from stormy waters.

| I don't need love, I need a break from my 80 hour work week chummer...

| I woke up and I chose VIOLENCE.

| Love you too anon.

| I love sex.

| >>868076
Me too, buddy, me too...

| >>868076
I *hate* sex.

| >>5d7988

Imagine getting no maidens in a place with an 8:1 female to male ratio lol

| >>870764 source or your lyin fook off

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