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The question

| Is this world filled with purpose and meaning?

I'm curious how many of you feel as though this world that we live in is meaningful, as if there is an ulterior motive or goal being achieved with our existence, or how many of you feel as though our existence means nothing and is simply random happenstance?

Maybe I'm just stoned again, but I'm legitimately curious how many of you characters really feel like what you're doing here really matters. And if it does, to who?

| youre almost certainly stoned again

| Long time no see.

| >>867361
It has to matter, otherwise the work would had been for nothing. I'm not delusional to think I could change the whole city but knowing I can at least help out one person in the end means I did have a purpose. -CN

| Hey there.
I hope things to matter yeah.
Just feels too sad for it to not.
So hopefully a spark of life can help make it feel like it matters again

| I don't get it!

| >>867363 Almost certainly!
>>867375 You too anon, you too!
>>867378 But is it not the sadness that gives meaning to the happiness, creating a third essence in between? If you look at what gave you that feeling of meaning in the past, and I mean really look at it with critical honesty, was it always pointing towards something happy as being what gave you that sense of meaning, or was doing the "meaningful" thing sometimes undesirable, negative or even potentially painful?

| >>867377 But who does this purpose serve? The people you're helping, or yourself, or some point of consciousness between the two? It begs asking, because while you're obviously helping the people you help, you're also technically hurting the people who you fight to stop, so "helping people" in and of itself, doled out unevenly, can't be the meaning unless given the context of one person or a group of people you feel me?
>>867390 I don't get it either! I just like pondering.

| I used to tell myself that I do what I do because I don't know anything else. That I'm doing this to make amends for what I have done in the past.

I used to tell myself that my life here is a punishment for my missteps.

What I've realized now is that I am doing what I do to protect the things I care about, the things I love. To protect my friends, my brothers and sisters in arms, love of my life. That's my purpose.

| >>867395 See, this is the same thing I'm talking about with>>9e4533, it seems like the context in which you've given meaning to is relative to the other points of consciousness in the universe which you love, such as your family or friends or the people you perceive need you and/or deserve you.

This begs another question: Is meaning impossible to perceive in a vacuum, alone, in and of yourself? Is your meaning one that can only come from a grander purpose beyond yourself?

| (Oops didn't mean the redtext)

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