| alright so hear me out. a few days ago i had a reunion with a friend, says she works r&d with the bell fore corporation these days but heres the deal. she used to be like family to me and now she doesnt even know my name or her own... well. I guess she still knew her first name i guess. anyway

| her name is hanabi shimohira. i tried grilling her for answers but she told me that it isnt safe for her to divulge classified information to someone as “sketchy as me” then immediately left, what a load of crap. something’s not right here, shit smells and I want answers. if anybody out there knows something about her or has seen her around could you please help a guy out?

best regards,


| saying someone's name and saying they do a high payin job for the corpo fucks, ya tryna get her killed or somethin chummer?

| >>859605

look bud. im gonna be honest with you; i thought she was already dead. thought the yakuza got her but obviously this is all bullshit. call me out for it but whatever she is... that isnt hanabi.



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