yo can lilims get drunk???

| idk just wonderin'

| No. They just pretend to.

| my lilim roommate got drunk and accidentally short circuited himself so i'd say they can get drunk

- EZBreezy

| >>859363
how does one short circuit themselves...

| >>859366

I dunno. I’m not a robot. He just made a big flash of light and a burst of electricity and stopped moving for like six minutes

- EZBreezy

| They can, but afaik it's still unknown if it's a programmed reaction or a natural one. Any lilim on this board?

| >>859368
i thought calling em robots is offensive

| >>f2e3dd It is. You'd think the people living in GC of all places would stay away from slurs like that but I guess not.

| wow

| wow



| Don't they get drunk on sugar and high on salt or somethin'

| >>859596

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